Kizashi Sport


The trouble is, it rather feels like a chassis in search of an engine. It's hard to believe its 2.4-litrc four has 176bhp; it sounds and feels less than that Even one-up and driven with verve, it never realty gets going, hauling with little conviction from low revs. You keep expecting - and hoping — it will perk up at any moment, but it never does, its mildly hammer}' note remaining little changed right to the red line.

it's a shame, because fundamentally this is a well-sorted, well-built car. It would be no bargain, though. Suzuki GB reckons it would be priced at around £22K. That sounds a lot for a Suzuki that's a bit short of grunt.

John Barker

Bu :d q j,-.I ty. tidy hand rg — Needs a setter engine kickback has to be experienced to be believed.

I drove a Mini C<x)per D recently. Zestier and more engaging, it was in a different class altogether. It's just a bit superficial, the A1 - if you really must buy one go for the 1.4 TSI petrol DSG. It's much more polished and earns an extra half star.

Ollie Marriage

Kizashi looks smart (even more so in the metal) and its handling shows great promise, but it's let down by its undcrpcrforming

2.4-litre engine

Left: A1 locks smart enough, but the driving experience leaves a lot to be dssired, especially when rivals include the Mini. Turbodiesel eigine (far left) is not as refined as you'd hope for in an Audi; it is the greenest A1 eigine, though, with C02 emissions of just I05g/km j^stosa: Bïwékhm & RMíms® [fetapÉteto^LO

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