Citroen Ds3 16 Dsport

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Adam and I tend to see eye to eye on cars. That's why we share ownership of a Clio Williams. But not here. While it's not overly sporty, the DS3 really impresses me. chiefly by being a compelling all-rcunder. If I were a full-strength road tester I'd call it dynamically homogeneous. Or something.

Its key controls - steering, gearbox and pedals - may lack feel compared with some of the more hardcore hatches, but they play off each other near perfectly, so end up feeling rather well judged. In combination with the keen, torque-rich engine, they allow you to string together corners in a calmer, more supple manner than in many rivals - a Mini Cooper S on similarly large wheels in particular. And while I do normally look for a more involving, keyed-in driving experience, the DS3 should be commended for bringing something different to the party.

I agree about those seats, though...

Stephen Dobie

reared its ugly head in the shape of a creaking parcel shelf and dashboard, with the added bonus of ice on the inside of the windscreen on cold mornings. Being the co-owner of a Clio Williams, I'm well aware that this sort of thing can add to the charm of a car. But then the Willy is 17 years old; on a brand new car it's plain annoying.

Some of the toys have their irritations too, and the automatic wipers are top of the list. To switch them on you push the wiper stalk down from the 'off' position. It springs back up immediately, and the auto wipers are now on. But to cancel them you don't tap the stalk down again, instead you have to click it upward to 'intermittent' then back down to 'off. I've lost count of how many times I thought I'd turned the wipers off only to have the blades give me a wave to signal they're still on.

At the core of the DS3's appeal are its designer looks and the exceptional 1.6 THP DSport engine. But if you're looking for something extra, you might struggle to find it. Citroën needs to build on these strengths for the DS3 to be the complete package it needs to be to compete with the Mini.

Adam Shorrock

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