Audi Quattro 20v

Engine In-lne 5-cyl, 2226cc turbocharged Location Front lorgitudinal Power 220bhp @ 5900bhp Torque 2281b ft @ 950rpm Transmission Five-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel drive, Torsen centre diff, electrically operated front and rear diff locks Suspension MacPhersoi struts, col springs, dampers and anti-rcll bar front and rear Brakes Ventilated 276mm front discs, solid 269mm rear Wheels 8 >: I Sin front and rear Tyres 215/50 </RI5 front and rear Weight (kerb) 1395kg Power-to-weight l46bhp/ton 0-60mph 6.2sec (daimed) Top speed I43mph (daimed) Price new £32,995 (1989) Value now £10-15,000

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