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NEW far2009!

•Replace your stock front housing or order a complete assembly •Ideal front axle for Jeep 97/06 TJ and 07/09 JK Wranglers •US Pat.Pend. - More Ground Clearance than your Dana 30! •Add strength and say good-bye to bent Front housings

NEW for2009f

•Fully assembled and ready to install in your Jeep YJ, TJ and JK •High-Pinion 44 Front and Heavy-Duty Rear Housing •New Generation Dana 44 Gears and Larger Axle Shafts •Extra-Big Front and Rear Disc brakes Included •Fully Selectable, Electric Locking Differential Included

•Ultimate Confidence and Performance for your 4x4 •Highest Ground Clearance of ANY Dana 60 axle! •Best Strength for big torque, big tires, and low gears •Fully Customized to fit any vehicle •Exclusive Dynatrac "No-fault" Warranty - Included

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