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QI have a '98 Ford F-250 (Light Duty) %-ton 4x4 pickup. I am confused as to why my truck is only a seven-lug instead of an eight. It has a 6-inch

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Fabtech suspension lift on it, and I'm currently running 35-inch Buckshots on it. I'm looking to upgrade to Super Swamper LTBs and some black rockcrawler rims.

I've been saving up my money to buy a package deal, but I have a problem. I can't find wheels for a seven-lug anywhere! I've even gone to wheel shops looking for the original wheel skins and center caps, and apparently they don't even make those anymore. I haven't seen too many of these F-250s around, but the ones I do see have stock wheels on them, same as mine. My wheels are very rusty and need replacement.

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