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IThe ProCal is simple to use. Once the module's dipswitches are set at the desired parameters, the unit plugs into the Jeep's OBD port with the engine off and the ignition on. Recalibration is almost instant. The module can reprogram a number of important factory parameters such as tire size, axle gear ratio, low tire pressure indicator, and one-touch lane change. It can set temporary extended idle, can clear diagnostic trouble codes, and can reprogram smart bar indicator disable. It provides dead-center steering wheel indication, daytime running lamps, and pedal

calibration and tolerance, and the module will program a vehicle's VIN into a new PCM controller.

2 Due to the Jeep's advanced electronics, simply bolting on larger wheels and tires doesn't cut it anymore. The module is programmed by the adjustment of dipswitches. This is a cool tool for enthusiasts who not only bump up their rig's tire size, but also use different tires for varying four-wheeling conditions. The module recalibrates the Jeep's ECM to function normally with 24- to 53.75-inch-

diameter tires. After recalibrating one of our JKs we noticed an improvement in overall performance and handling.

3 Each module comes with a quick reference guide that thoroughly explains the Pro-Cal's usage, programming functions, and how to set the dipswitches. The ProCal will lock onto the vehicle's VIN, and it can't be used on another vehicle until the restore function is used. The restore function restores the JK to factory settings, and the ProCal can then be used on another vehicle.



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