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Have you wanted to work a job that does not require you to come in at certain hours just to allow you to keep it? Would you rather make more money doing something that is more interesting than spending a lot of time in a cubicle? This is the solution for you: become an expert in scrap gold! Gold is historically one of the most stable investments, so your market is not going under any time soon! You will learn how to start dealing in scrap gold and how to start your business for less than $50! You will also learn how to test the gold that you come across so that you don't get ripped off. You will learn how to trade peoples gold for cash, and how to find gold in the first place. Start making your own business that deals in the most secure investment of all time!

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Photographs Courtesy Of The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

The transportation history of our 49th state is generally associated with dogsleds and paddlewheelers, but the automobile played an ever more-important role in post-Gold Rush Alaska, too, one that's celebrated at the Fountainhead museum. Alaska has an extremely rich and entertaining motoring history, so we decided to emphasize that throughout the museum, Cerny said. Four automobiles that are original to Fairbanks are on display In addition to Sheldon's roadster, there are the first Dodge to be shipped to Fairbanks, a 1910 Chalmers-Detroit and a 1926 Fordson Snow Motor. To provide an idea of the kinds of conditions that early motorists had to overcome, enlargements of more than 70 historic photographs decorate the museum walls. Photos depict horses pulling cars from frozen streams, primitive road conditions and the rigors of extreme cold-weather motoring.

Raptor R Tackles Baja

Once the kids stepped off the bus at the Discovery Center in Big Bear, volunteers coordinated all activities, which included gold panning, watching a motorcycle demonstration, trying on protective safety equipment, and having a picture taken while sitting on a motorcycle. The highlight of the day was a trail ride in the front seat of a 4x4. Between the front-seat chatter and talking to their

By Richard Lentinello

1970s Most Sought After Muscle Cars

Opposite side of the country, in Reno, Nevada, on July 27-31. The members of the Northern California Oldsmo-bile Club will be doing all the work to host this national meet, including making arrangements for a relaxing dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe, a visit to the National Automobile Museum in Reno and a tour of the nearby historic gold-mining town of Virginia City. The host hotel will be the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, where club members will be able to stay for just 69 per night. For more details, visit the club's website at www., or call 517-663-1811.

Only In Theaters

A brief stop at the preserved Klondike gold-rush town of Dawson City, where former brothels are now hotels the casinos are still casinos, even though the burlesque shows have become blush-sparingly tame gives us a last taste of civilization for 48 iurs. Eagle Plains is the only settlement for 300 miles n . th.The isolation and lack of human interaction on the empty highway is eerie at first. But time inside your own head is a rare commodity, and driving on a road where oncoming traffic can be counted on one hand in one day is even more rare.

BKevin McNulty

Our left leg for an Dodge M37 as our first rig, and we know that every one of our friends would have died to ride in it. When Rob Bonney found this '52 M37 for 400 at age 14, he thought he found a gold mine. He drove it home on dirt roads, smiling from ear to ear, and basked in the envy of his friends.