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The Garage Sale Toolkit

This guide can teach you everything that you need to learn about planning, promoting, and profiting off of your next yard sale. Most people use a sort of spray and pray method of setting up a yard sale; putting a little bit of advanced planning into your yard sale can set it head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to how well you do. This guide shows you all of the strategies to set up your yard sale like an easy business. And don't let the word business frighten you off; this sort of business is very easy to set up and profit from! All that you need are the tools that we outline in our guide; then you can just set it up and start reaping the profits from it! You will be able to have the best of both worlds; declutter your office AND make money on the side! Read more here...

The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Clean Up Your Garbage

It all lies in the hands of us wheelers. I am appalled at the ignorance and stupidity of most of the local off-roaders here in Florida. Every time I go out to the local mud hole there is trash and beer bottles everywhere. It's horrible. I gave up trying to clean up because people were tossing more crap then I could pick up. And now as of last week I found out some of the land owners are trying to get the place shut down. I saw it coming it's disappointing how a bunch of mooks can ruin it for the rest of us responsible off-roaders. I'm afraid to go back to New Hampshire and find my favorite trails that I grew up on gated off. It's sad how people can be so ignorant. Thanks, I just felt like venting.

Pullrod Rear Suspension

Ferrari is set to lead the mass adoption of Red Bull's pull-rod suspension, which pulls the suspension rockers. This has two major benefits allowing a lowered centre of gravity, as well as cleaning up the airflow to the back of the car. Red Bull has run the configuration for the past two years.

Citrusize Your Engine

When it's time to clean-up your engine or drivetrain, it's time to bust out a cleaner with a little more kick. Zep's Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser is a citrus-based cleaner that dissolves heavy soiling from many surfaces including engines, machinery and wheels, and rinses easily without leaving unwanted alkaline residues. Available in concentrated bottles, the orange, non-petroleum-based cleaner sells at Home Depot for twelve bucks a bottle. A wire brush might also be another solid investment for the tough chores

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FORD ESCORT 1979 RS 2000 genuine 1979 4dr rs2000 escort, fitted 5 sp manual, needs minor tidy up, drives well reg to jan 2011, near new tyres, new clutch. Std bore, nearly rust free (minor bubble rear guard lower) TYP648 (JCW1870480) 03 97354491,0414 071 856 VIC 6,500 neg

Dismantling Pontiac And Chevrolet Cars 1963 Up Over 50 Cars In Stock

(432-2) 1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4 DOOR HT LHD. Dead stock running driving grand dad time capsule clean straight body little to no rust, decent maroon paint, very good chrome, glass and stainless, Nice black trim needing only carpels and and a good clean up uncut dash including original factory radio, 327 Power glide auto trans drives down the road as it should. This car will clean up very easily to a nice cruiser with very little etlort and some basic mechanical work IN STOCK. Vin 164395J108927 12,950 (528-4) 1988 CHEVROLET SILVERADO EXT CAB SHORT TUB LHD. fl steer, p.disc brakes, 1'cond. elec windows, clocking. Fuel injected 350,4 spd OD auto, lowering kit. twin exhaust, average faded dark blue paint, dean straight body, very good glass, chrome 8 stainless. Updated 1998 grille, rear roll pan. Smoothy full front bumper, matching dark blue trim that will require drivers seat repair and a good tidy up. The truck has been fitted wtih a 1998 dash assy, nice running truck, lowered all round....

Text And Photos By Phil Gordon

One of Javier's friends, Mario Hernandez from Santa Maria, California, was building a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible and just couldn't seem to finish it. He had been toiling away on the classic machine, and his interest faded in the '64. Knowing what a great car it could still become and not wanting to waste all his hard work, he decided it would be better left for Javier to finish, and sold him the in-progress Chevy. Gratefully, Javier began the painstaking task of searching for small additions to clean up the convertible. Growing up in a lower to middle class environment, in a wealthy area, his struggles to find inexpensive parts became much harderthan he had anticipated. He soon realized it would take all of his patience to see the project through.

This Datsun And The Resto

As the photo's show, I took the car to my factory (Bremner Glass Equipment in Braeside, VIC), stripped it and sent it away for soda blasting. On return of the body, I was shocked at the extent of rust damage to the guards, firewall and plenum chamber. Thank goodness the cabin area and floor were like new. I had only intended to give it a tidy up and a basic respray, but seeing the extent of the rust damage, I had to make a decision - push on with the project, or push it out the door. I spent a month considering my options.

Calculating The Compression

Ideally, the engine will be on the bench not in the bike. Remove tie cylinder head, clean-up the head and barrel faces arid remove the spark plug. Position the piston at top dead centre (TDC) and smear some grease around the edges of the piston to seal it and wipe off the excess. Use a new lead O

Tales of the Feeding House

Tractor Disc For Cooking

Nearly all feed houses would be floored with big flat flagstones that may have come from Caithness this facilitated easier mixing with shovels and cleaning up. in some cases concrete floors were added providing an even smoother surface and in some progressive places a cement render coated the lower walls for the same reason others may have benefited from whitewash for cleanliness and light in pre-electric days. Z)

What To Do Before You Go

Driving your hot rod on a road course is hardest on the tires, brakes, and cooling system, so make sure those are in good shape. You might want to make sure the alignment is on target, too. If in doubt, tell the alignment shop to add more caster and negative camber. If in doubt about the cooling system, drain and flush the coolant and throw in a bottle of Redline Water Wetter or Royal Purple Ice. One thing to note is that some tracks and organizations don't want antifreeze in the cooling system, just plain water. The same goes at nearly every dragstrip. Antifreeze is way slipperier and harder to clean up than water, and you don't want to be the guy who stops everyone's fun by hosing down the track and forcing a cleanup. It's also a good idea to make sure all the lug nuts are tight and nothing's leaking. Set the tire pressures in the high-30-pound range, make sure your seatbelts or racing harnesses are in good shape and that you have an acceptable Snell-rated helmet (motorcycle helmets...

Enter At Kurtbuschcom Or Call 704799242s

Grant says racing is in Goodyear's DNA and that it has produced many innovations, such as the inner liners the company pioneered in 1966 in a sense, this was the first run-flat technology, a version of which is still used in NASCAR tires. Then there was the Gatorback rain tread pattern developed in Formula 1 in 1984, designed to sweep away water within a year, that pattern was adapted to Corvette street tires. That was the origin of the almost ubiquitous directional sweeping tread patterns seen today.

Save Our Trails

A group of wheelers in my area, including myself, are trying to get organized into a club to help keep the few local trails clean and most of all open for public use. We would like to build a relationship with the local police, fish and game, and the land owners so that we can help solve some of the problems that arise. We are just a small group that would like to make a difference in the community and clean up the name of wheelers in this area. So if you have any advice or have any organizations that could lead use in the right direction, it would be of great help. TERRY LIEBFRIED via

Frayed Ends

If your cables are fraying, unravelling or need to be shortened, coil thin copper wire (telephone type) tighdy around the fraying bit or the part you want cut, then solder the coiled copper wire with resin core solder. Once the solder has cooled, cut the cable off right up against the soldered end and clean up the cut with a fine-toothed metal file. - Eric Hodge, via email


Fancying a go at something different for a company project earlier this year, they acquired a 1977 tin top in reasonable good order and, after stripping it and bare metalling, re sprayed it in while over baby blue, with the bumpers, front air intake grill, wheel hanger and top dash air vents all powder coated white. 'Ihe original 2 lin e has undergone a full service and clean up and is now back in the van and running sweet as a nut, and all the underside of the van inc inside of arches have been wax oiled and under sealed.

One For The Show

Found himself waist deep in rejected metal at the local salvage yard. After hours of digging and pillaging, he unearthed a mint-condition tailgate chat he envisioned to be skinned smooth and added to clean up the S-10's rear end. After dropping in on fabricator David Adams and telling him about deleting the raised Chevrolet logo, David adamantly voiced his disagreement. Sean recalls, I said I don't care I don't like it, skin that tailgate smooth I left David's shop, and to be a jerk, he cut out the logo and stitched it in backwards. He hid it from me until it was too late to redo it before its debut show. Don't ever leave a fabricator to his own devices


Like the Silverado HD. the Super Duty also uses urea to clean up emissions, though Ford has shrunk the fuel tank down to just 26 gallons to make room tor the urea tank. This is the same size as the Raptor and a full 10 gallons less than the Silverado, giving the Ford a 160 mile range disadvantage to the Chevy at the observed fuel economy numbers.

Big Guns

Yes, you could probably predict that a Red Bull was going to be on pole, but you were never sure whether it would be Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber. There were times when Lewis Hamilton was threatening-and then Fernando Alonso came on strong. Moreover, Red Bu.l didn't always clean up when It counted In the races on Sunday, which is what made it all so exciting.

Montreal Quebec

NONG-DISTANCE ROMANCES rarely hold up when it's time for them to become real relationships. It's one thing to love someone when you're flying across an ocean for a precious weekend in Paris or Rome, quite another when you're sitting together on a Monday night at home, deciding whose turn it is to clean up after dinner. Such was our concern with the Mazda 2. We've had nothing but good things to say about the slim, sleek subcompact since it debuted abroad in 2007 and we were excited when Mazda decided, finally, to import the four-door model beginning this summer. And yet, we couldn't help but wonder if the little Mazda would live up to our anticipation.

Wet Look

Big screen replayed the incident three times from two different angles while track workers checked the track for debris, and the commentators described the how and why of the incident. Then before we realised there had been a 15-minute clean-up of some trans fluid, we were back into it. And it was still an hour from lunchtime

Horror Story

Adam McCormack sent through these pics of his and his wife Jo's Impala. Jo and I purchased the car in 2000 a friend of mine had owned the car during the '90s. In 2000 I rebuilt the engine for Mike (the owner at the time). When I was about to fit the motor to the repainted body, he offered me the car for a very agreeable sum. However, I was getting married in less than six months and was saving for a honeymoon. Jo said bugger the honeymoon, buy the car About five years ago I decided it needed a bit of a tidy-up as some cancer was appearing in the corners of the doors. I separated body from chassis and sent the body to a panel shop. While the body was getting taken back to bare steel, I stripped the chassis, seam-welded it and added strengthening gussets and plates and then had it powder-coated.

Fast Facts

ENGINE Almost bone stock, the original factory 340 was treated to an .030-inch clean-up and rebuilt to stock specs. Thanks to tti, the only real change was a swap to headers feeding to the factory exhaust setup. ENGINE Almost bone stock, the original factory 340 was treated to an .030-inch clean-up and rebuilt to stock specs. Thanks to tti, the only real change was a swap to headers feeding to the factory exhaust setup.


A quick search on Trade Me uncovered a steel Chev small block for a decent price, so it was bought and dropped in the hole with a turbo 400 trans. The salespeople at Pro Parts in Palmerston North must be bloody good, because Tristan went there looking for a few shiny bits to tidy up the engine bay but instead


The evolution of these engines over time seems to have had nothing to do with power. The driving factors have been emissions, costs and reliability. The move from C to X designation came with a change to include exhaust gas recirculation to meet Euro 2 emissions standards and the ports on the head were downsized at the same time, presumably to help clean up idle emissions. Later cars dropped the airflow meter, instead relying solely on the MAP sensor and TPS sensor to determine load. Later engines have a

Classic Imports

HOLDEN HZ UTE. 1979, 4.2, rebuilt auto, factory a cond, p steering, original SLE wheels, dual fuel. Full historv and books. Needs a tidy up. FHU 290 (JCM1700940) 0407 806 347 VIC 3,800 HOLDEN HZ UTE. 1979, 4.2, rebuilt auto, factory a cond, p steering, original SLE wheels, dual fuel. Full historv and books. Needs a tidy up. FHU 290 (JCM1700940) 0407 806 347 VIC 3,800

Braided Loom

Wire sheathing is the key to cleaning up exposed wiring. We used this nylon material that expands as you push it together, like a Chinese finger trap. It grows to about double its taut dimension to allow you to easily push it along a wire and over connectors. On the small side there is sleeving meant to hold a wire as small

Utv Accessories

Mately 0.075 inches off the top of the base plate. While this isn't a requirement, OJ felt it would lend itself to easy assembly and eliminate any potential discrepancies which arise in the manufacturing process. While he was at it, OJ took the same liberties in cleaning up the main body mating surface of the metering block.

Corner Capable

So what did this moderate level of carb modification do for our Laguna Putting theory to the test on the open road, we found the changes delivered as intended. We had the carb making good on all counts, from cleaning up the idle, with improved transitions and low-speed, part-throttle manners, to effectively metering even when giving the chassis a real workout. A carb can be a very efficient and cost-effective way of

The Tao Of Drag

But how did two brothers, working alone in a farm barn in north-central Sweden, become FIA European champions 'All competition vehicles are built from NHRA or FIA-approved parts,' explains Ulf Leanders, younger brother and the team's designated driver, 'so the equipment all competitors usej is similar. That way, well-financed individuals can't just enter the sport and clean up by throwing money around.'


Having three children has definitely changed my life in the sense of taking up my time to focus and concentrate. My time is divided up again and again at home. It's great, because it separates my home life from my work life. It's hard when your job is pretty much manufactured and is a pretty big part of your life, so it's hard to differentiate the two. Having children divides things. When I'm home, I feed the kids, clean up, and play with them. Once I leave for work, I flip the switch and focus on my job. Having kids is great, but it's very hectic.

Vaqua Blasting

AUSTIN HEALEY, 100, BN4, 1957, Texas car, dry storage for 7 years, unmolested original car, clutch, brakes rebuilt. New carbs, gauges rebuilt. Requires general tidy up. VIN BN4L047470 (JCM2130457) 0438 365 800 VIC 31,000 ono 1955 AUSTIN K4 Series II. F.x-VIC rural fire truck. Log book, 2-way radio, old rego papers. No body damage or rust. Needs clean up & paint job. Speedo reading 20,844 miles. ENG IK338414 VIN 252514 (JCM2139431) 02 6286 4814, 0427 864 814 ACT 3,600


Contrary to what some people believe, onboard diagnostic systems were not created by the manufacturers to make it impossible for people to work on their own cars. Rather, they were developed in response to government regulations for tighter emissions controls. It all began with the requirement of catalytic converters in the exhaust. The cats clean up the exhaust gases by converting the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and breaking up the oxides of nitrogen, but they need to work within a certain air fuel range, just like an engine. If the exhaust is too rich or too lean, the converters can overheat and fail. So to make the cats live, the manufacturers needed to abandon carburetors and distributors for electronically controlled fuel injections and distributorless ignitions.


Launched common rail diesel technology, using it first under the bonnet of the Alfa Romeo 156. While the 1.9-litre JTD was the earliest mass-market passenger car to feature the high-pressure injection system, the technology would eventually be adopted by all diesel engines in the quest to bump up power and clean up emissions. A pity, then, that cash-strapped Fiat, which did most of the development work, was forced to sell the technology to Bosch to perfect it for mass production.

Hydraulic Lock

Prior to fitting new pads on my 1980 Honda GL1100.1 found the system was in hydraulic lock. The piston would only retract by letting fluid out of circuit. So the Nissin rear master cylinder was stripped out and cleaned. On inspection it was found that there are two holes drilled from the reservoir feed port through to the wall of the cylinder to get fluid to the pistons. The hole nearest the pushrod end goes through into the cylinder, the other hole stops about Imrr short of the cylinder wall. H drilled through this hole would appear just in front of the pressure side of the front piston when system is at rest. I have the gear to drill the hole and clean up the bore, but need to know If this hole should go through or not. I'm unable to find another cylinder to check as people don't like you stripping their brakes to have a nose about. I have tried fitting a Honda repair kit at master and slave ends to no avail. Please help.

Escort Cosworth

Event, Jason took a step back and surveyed the damage. The bumper took mos of the impact and it needed some love anyway. After all that stress I took the car off the road. I have friends with Escort Cosworths and they were influencing me, telling me to tidy up the engine bay. We can sense where this is going to go I started to do that but before I knew it, I had removed the engine altogether he shrugs. This was the beginning of a long restoration and power hike.

Have A Belt

Many of you use some sort of oil soak or cat litter for cleaning up messes from under leaking axles or engines. But did you know the trick to making it work even better After you pour the oil soak on the offending spill, flip your push broom over and use the back of the broom (or a nearby 2x4 piece of wood) to grind the granules into the oil. The grinding breaks up the small bits and helps soak up more mess. Then simply sweep it up.

Mistyeyed for Mopar

WE SPENT ANOTHER MONTH dodging storms in the north trying to get the October issue together, but it was a minor inconvenience, of course, compared to the massive problems caused by the Canterbury earthquake. Our Christchurch-based columnist Dave Moore came through relatively unscathed, while Shaun Summerfield's southern journey in the new Kizashi Sport was jolted to a premature halt. To our southern readers, we hope that the new issue brings a moment of escapism from the clean-up, and that the precious metal in the garage has survived intact.

Tech Notes

Paint Body A stickler for details, Fred smoothed the firewall and fenders, cleaning up any of the nasty stuff that would distract onlookers from gaping at the gorgeous engine. We loved the way he routed the heater hoses and A C evaporator lines, running them neatly through the inner fender and back into the heater box. rather than having a long bundle of hoses going to the firewall. His buddy Tony O'Meara took care of the bodywork and sprayed the killer PPG Viper Red. He also did the satin hood using Sikkens basecoat black with a flattened clearcoat on top. END

General View

The bodywork is very straight indeed and the paint itself is fine with a good T-cut it would come up a treat. The galvanised cappings are very nice and tidy, and all three doors - while showing signs of rust - would be easy to tidy up and all open and close faultlessly. Tinted glass was a feature of the County spec and the green-ish glass of this one is all original. The plastic grill and light surrounds have faded a bit but would clean up with not much effort at all.

Colyton Hotel

(483-3) F0R0 MUSTANG COUPE 1966. 6 cyl auto with (483-1) DODGE CHARGER 1973. 318 auto, fully optioned, (483-2) FORD MUSTANG 1965. Rust free 289 manual, L02 cold alcond, tidy inside & out. Vin 3LQ0527 plsteer, alcond, immaculate inside & out. L01 complied & complied & registered, needs tidy up but could be driven

Making Money With Garage Sales

Making Money With Garage Sales

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