351/365 BB3X $

Full CNC Oval Ports w/1.640" Manley NexTek Springs and Titanium Retainers

366/380 BB3X $ 3495

Full CNC Rectangle Ports **

w/1.640" Manley NexTek Springs and Titanium Retainers

383 Head Hunters $3?95

w/1.640" Manley NexTek Springs and Titanium Retainers

Fully CNC Ported

PB120312° »6895

CNC Chambers w/Titanium Valves, NexTek Triples & Titanium Retainers


Fully CNC Ported

BBC 385 BMF $3695

w/1.640" Manley NexTek Sprinas and Titanium Retainers

350-434K$1,795 454-632 ?$1,995

Eagle 4340 Crank • Eagle 4340 H-Beam Rods • JE/SRP 13-1 Pistons • Plasma Moly Ringset • Clevite 77 "H" Series Race Bearings • Pin Fitted Rods & Pistons • Internally Balanced


• Callies DragonSlayer 4340 Crank from $495

• Callies Magnum Plus Pro Series Crank from $795

• Eagle 4340 Rodsw/L19or2000 Bolts add $125

• Callies/CompStar Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts add $200

• Manley H-Beam Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts add $300

• Oliver Steel Billet Rods add $895

• JE/Wiseco Pro Series 14-1 Pistons add $200

Oil Rail Supports (if required) add $ 35

1 Heaw Metal Balanclna fif reauiredl from $ 75

Rebuild Or Upgrade The Power Level Of Your Current Race Engine.

Every component completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Block honed w/torque plates, new cam bearings and freeze plugs. Inspect & measure pistons, pins & ring lands. Check rod & crank sizing, polish crank. Check all bearing clearances & end play. Degree cam, check piston to valve clearance and set TDC. Assemble heads w/new seals, set spring pressure & heights. Break-in engine on dyno to seat rings, test power output, verify DroDer oil pressure, check cylinder leakaae & compression. Cut filter open & inspect.

Price Includes Basic Rings, Bearings, Gaskets & Labor

Offer based on the ourchase of am ol


v or combination of carts onlv. Not to be combined with cvlinder heads, rotators, short blocks or comolete enaines.

310/325/345 $2095

w/1.550" Roller Springs, Studs and Guide Plates

335/355/3 I* Fully CNC Ported w/1.640" Manley NexTek Springs and Titanium Retainers


18° Big Chief Exclusive Porting!

1.677" Manley NexTek Triple Springs w/Titanium Retainers and Titanium Valves £ RAOC

Nitrous Friendly!

(800)295-7142 WWW.SHAFIROFF.COM

(631) 218-7530 • FAX (631) 218-7540 Email: [email protected] 35 Davinci Drive • Bohemia, NY • 11716

Mar11 • Ralp Prims Nnt Annlinahlp Tn Previous Orrlfars • Fr<=(=> Fminht Annlipc Tn Hnrnmpmal Aririreccoc In Thf» 4R Staff»« • Hnmnnnpnts Ruhif»r.t Tn Hhannp Dut» Tr> Availahilitv


Feedback, Friendly Notes, & Hate Mail

The Fiftieth Issue

Thumbing through the 50th issue is a lot like seeing everything that I must have missed during the 2010 race season. So many incredible photos in a single issue of a magazine; I'm just trying to soak it all up. Please let the readers know if poster prints are ever available of images like these.

Ben Margolius, via the Internet

Having been in the advertising business for 10 years, specifically in the racing industry, I have to say that it's a real pleasure to get Drag Illustrated every month. All magazines generally look the same, but DI is definitely set apart from the rest. The photography is stunning; literally some of the best that I have ever seen. It's not the same old pictures of cars running down the track or girl's butts - there is a lot of emotion captured by the photographers. It's a look completely different than any other publication. Keep up the top-notch work!

Chris Petrini, via the Internet

I thoroughly enjoyed the Photo Annual, and was real glad to see a good balance of action photos with the human-interest stuff. As much as I enjoy and appreciate the spotlight on the drivers, it's nice to see some wild and crazy on-track action every once in awhile. You guys seem to have figured out how to be a complete magazine and do a little bit of everything.

Marv Wolpert, via the Internet

Hagan's Heartbreak

The Q&A with Matt Hagan [DI 50] last month spoke very highly to his character as a man. I'm a firm believer that champions are defined by their losses and how they respond to setbacks. There's little doubt in my mind that Matt Hagan's name will be scribbled on a big check from someone at the NHRA in the coming years.

Jimmie Moyer, via the Internet

They always say what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, and I have to believe that Matt Hagan is going to be one tough hombre in 2011 after the way things ended in Pomona. To think that he went over and shook John's whole team's hands after the fact, well, that says a lot.

Pat Hines, Tecumseh, MI

Hearing Matt Hagan compare losing the championship to losing a family member really put that situation in perspective. You see the emotion on television, but then you hear them thanking their sponsors and talking about next year. Reading Matt's take on the situation after the fact illustrates the gravity of the situation.

Nate Fredricks, via the Internet

John Force

Someone somewhere better be writing a story about John Force's incredible come-from-behind victory in Pomona. We were writing him off last year and telling him to retire, and he comes out and blows the doors off everyone to win the championship at the last race of the season! I'd watch the movie if someone would write the script!

Jim Chansler, via Facebook

"Thumbing through the 50th issue is a lot like seeing everything that I must have missed during the 2010 race season. So many incredible photos in a single issue of a magazine."

Across the Pond

It was nice to see some coverage of racing in other parts of the world in the 50th issue and the section on the U.S. drivers competing in Qatar. I didn't realize that heads up doorslammer racing was popular many places other than the United States but have come to find that it seems to be one of the only classes that is celebrated all over the world - from Qatar to Queensland, Australia and all over America.

Rich Hochley, via the Internet

Just curious, but does the Sheikh own all the cars racing in the Middle East?

Ben Leit, via the Internet Wes Buck replies: It may look that way, but no, he doesn't own all of them. He does, however, own most ofthem.

I see there is actually another Middle Eastern nation and Sheikh involved in drag racing now with the B1 Racing Team that fields the Joshua Hernandez-driven Pro Extreme '57 Chevy. I have to wonder if they will continue to field cars in America, and if so, how well competitors that don't have the resources of an entire nation behind them will receive it.

Concerned Driver, via the Internet

I'll Tell You What

Really interesting reading the "Now What?" story [DI 50] and I hope stories like it on insurance policies for racers will help to open some eyes. I've been one of the unfortunate few who've had to endure a fellow racer failing to adhere to the unwritten rules of the sport.

Anonymous, Pennsylvania

Mac Attack

Is Cory McClenathan ever going to catch a break? The guy had a hell of a season in 2010, one of only a couple guys to even win a race and really looked like he could have damn well won the whole deal, but still gets canned because he's too old to fit his sponsor's image? Reading Denise Ramsey's Q&A with C-Mac [DI 48] made me feel sick for the guy.

Carrie Harblough, via Facebook

I sure hope that Cory McClenathan hasn't forgotten that it wasn't that long ago that he was replacing the one-and-only Ed "The Ace" McCulloch behind the wheel of Larry Minor's Top Fuel Dragster when McDonald's wanted a younger driver.

Scot Oliver, via the Internet

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