Too Much Advance

It's amazing how often large people are very cheerful. Blaar Cronje certainly conformed to the type, and the fact that his ears were slightly out of proportion to the rest of his body prompted some wag to give him an appropriate nickname. It soon stuck, but he didn't seem to mind.

He's a bookkeeper in one of the local stores and an armchair motor racing enthusiast. A few months ago he removed the cylinder head of his 1989 Toyota Corolla 1,3 and took it to a machine shop for an overhaul because it would be a lot cheaper than getting a garage to remove the head and send it away.

He got the head back and fitted it quite expertly, as far as I could tell, but after three months the new guides were completely worn out.This time Blaar did not remove the head, but drove the car to the machine shop and kicked up a fuss.

At this point I got involved because the machine shop is run by a good friend of mine and, since I was also friendly with Blaar, it seemed a good idea for me to act as an arbi-trator.The shop foreman told me that there were signs of massive overheating, so I insisted that my workshop fit the second reconditioned head and also examine the rest of the engine and the cooling system. I asked Syd to fit the head and to record ignition timing and fuel mixture settings before adjusting them to the standard values, because I had a hunch.

The engine did not start easily and did not idle well, but Syd persevered and was able to record the ignition timing. It showed 33 degrees

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