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for the loss of rigidity brought about by the loss of a fixed roof will always be the biggest hurdle that engineers face when considering a rag-top model. In Audi's case (and with thanks to Lamborghini) the R8 coupé set some fairly lofty standards in terms of on-road dynamics, rigidity and overall balance that appear to have paid off in the development of the Spyder. The fact that the V10 coupé offered head-turning looks and an addictive soundtrack even before it was "glammed up" has helped make the R8 Spyder to be one of the most sensational cars on the roads today. C3T

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Cylinders V10, longitudinal, mid-mounted

Fuel supply electronic direct injection

Bore/stroke 64,5/92,8 mm

Cubic capacity 5 204 cm3

Compression ratio 12,5 to 1 Valvegear d-o-h-c. four valves per cylinder ENGINE OUTPUT:

Man power ISO (kW) 386

Power peak (r/min) 8 000

Red line (r/minl 8 800

Max torque (N.m) 530

Torque peak (r/minl 6 500 TRANSMISSION:

Type six-speed sequential manual, automated

Low gear 4,373 to I

2nd gear 2.709 to 1

3rd gear 1,925 to 1

4th gear 1,502 to 1

5th gear 1,239 to 1

Top gear 1,036 to 1

Reverse gear 3,713 to 1

Final drive 3,077 to 1

Drive wheels permanent 4wd

Driver aids ESP, ASR. EDL

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