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You start squawking before the sun even rises. You steal our sesame seed buns and fries. But worst of all, you unload your lunch on our cars. No sooner have we finished detailing than the fruits of our labor are soured thanks to your shameless form of self-expression. It's rude and disrespectful. So to all you birds reading this: watch your bony little backs. We're hitting up the animal shelter. Gonna find us a cat. A mean one with all its claws. Tell your friends.

Don Fritsche has been a VW owner and builder for 15 years and his '90 Corrado has appeared in the mag several times. It had one of the first Lysholm supercharger kits from Bahn Brenner and has been through several 8v Digi setups including a stage 3 G-charger, stage 3-4 Lysholm, and stage 4-5 ABA. As a result, this car was the '03

waterwagens drag race bracket winner and drag champion.

More recently, Don began collecting the parts to modify an existing ABA engine from a previous build. He bought forged 83.5mm ABA/ABF low-comp pistons from Bildon, along with 440cc Injectors, HD valve springs, lifters and the last 16v supercharged Integration kit from Bahn Brenner. After years of being limited by the OEM Digifant ECU, he decided to step up to an aftermarket sequential fuel injection system. Reading about the 034EFI system in ef, he went with their lc waste-spark system.

In January '08, the build moved to a friend's garage where the old engine was removed. Dan Halls Machine Shop had bored, cleaned, magnafluxed, and doweled his ABA crank and the block was assembled using ARP fasteners.

They began the 034EFI Install while the engine was being assembled, with Jerry Reynolds (a master VW/Audi tech) doing the wiring.

With the short block assembled, they installed the intake manifold, alternator bracket, water pump, supercharger bracket and pulleys. The 16v integration kit was designed for the 1.8L, not the ABA tall block, so they modified the tensloner bracket for the extra height.

Once the engine was assembled and installed, they began the liquid intercooler Installation. Because the 16v head and supercharger left little room in the engine bay, the battery was relocated to an NHRA battery box and kill switch in the spare tire well. This left just enough room for the intercooler up front, although the intake elbow of the I6v Integration kit had to be modified first. They decided to weld an OBD throttle plate to the elbow instead of using the G60 plate, since the OBD throttle body has a TPS sensor, which was required by the lc ECU.

The next job was to vent the boost. It started with a 30mm HKS BOV but soon moved to a forged 30mm BOV before a 50mm TiAL BOV was deemed adequate.

After a few weeks of chasing wiring gremlins, the LM1 wideband 02 and 034EFI were finally working and a dyno tune yielded 265whp at 6500rpm and 253wtq on 92-octane pump gas. The car also ran 13.1sec quarter mile at !04mph with a 1.9sec 60ft time.

There's a ton of mods scheduled for this year and we'll get to them over the coming months.

Melo Jetta

You may remember Rafael Melo's Jetta 1.8T from the cover of ef 7/08. Its 346whp motor boasted a T3fT4 turbo and nitrous to propel it to 12-sec quarters. What's more, the owner had shaved the moldings and fitted an R32 front bumper to create a very stylish racer.

Recently, he contacted us again to inform us more engine work was underway. The new spec included a 2.0 block, with 82.5mm Supertech pistons, Pauter rods with forced pin oiling, a forged 2.0TFSI crank, Raceware main and head bolts. The AEB head had CNC porting, flowed Supertech valves, Cat springs and cams, new lifters and titanium Rosten retainers. He'd also added an RMR intake manifold with fuel rail for the 1200cc injectors, fed by the 255 Iph Bosch inline fuel pump. The Bullseye Power BW S364.70AR turbo was mounted on a tubular exhaust manifold, and fitted with a 44mm Tial external wastegate and 50mm blow-off valve. Let's not forget the Klnectic Motorsort FMIC, nor the Snow ^mm^ Performance methanol Injection. I

With everything controlled by \ vJj^ ^

Unitronic 1200cc software, Rafael is I

aiming for 600whp before the Spring \\

Show & Go drag races. He hopes to f run in the high lOsec bracket and he % yW j certainly has the hardware to make ^^

He wanted to thank Mike at _

Unitronic, Peter Almeida for the motor , work and Farnbacherloles. Watch out ' • *

for our S&G coverage to see whether

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