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Freelance Riches

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Around The Auto Block

The '70s dawned and we emigrated to South Africa. In 1972, an assistant editor post with Technicar - CAR's sister DIY magazine - was advertised and with a Christmas edition of my club magazine in hand, I applied, unsuccessfully, but was asked to freelance. One year later the position became vacant again, I reapplied, and succeeded. So began a multi-faceted life in the motor industry. Being paid to drive, service and write about cars was a dream come true and I learned a lot in a very short time under the guidance of editor Dave Trebett. Then Technicar merged with CAR and shortly thereafter -against all odds - I was tempted into joining Leyland Product Development, initially to work on the introduction of the Rover SD1. Some freelance work helped me get back into the tyre tracks, and in 1994, an opportunity Not far though. In a freelance role I now have the chance to realise another dream -driving, writing about and promoting classic cars - a case of out with the new, in with old. So...

Td Find Your Nearest Stockist

While every effort Is made In compiling the editorial and accepting only bona fide advertisements In Complete Kit Car, the publisher cannot be held responsible for any effects arising therefrom. Freelance features and photographs are submitted at the owner's risk and, whilst every care Is taken, no responsibility for loss or damage can be taken by the publisher or their agents. Copyright Performance Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. ISSN 1754-1271

To Find Your Nearest Stockist

While every effort is made in compiling the editorial and accepting only bona fide advertisements in Complete Kit Car, the publisher cannot be held responsible for any effects arising therefrom. Freelance features and photographs are submitted at the owner's risk and, whilst every care is taken, no responsibility for loss or damage can be taken by the publisher or their agents.

Weve Got Your Bailout Ready

We've been flying at 33,000 feet for the last nine hours and nobody has a clue what to expect. My travel partners are freelance photographer David Newhardt, filmmaker Mark Mclnnis, Classic Design Concepts owner George Huisman, automotive designer Tom Tjaarda, Ford designers Camilo Pardo and Kyle Evans, and Quality Metalcraft owner Michael Chef Chetcuti. All we know is we're going to drive a handful of Mustangs through India while a film crew documents the adventure in a promotional effort for a new turnkey muscle car called the Equus. How I got here is still not completely clear.

Problems Of Perception

kh Starting his career as an apprentice at British aircraft manufacturer De Havilland gave Dave Williams a thorough grounding in aeronautical engineering. It also made him curious about aerolastics - the study of vehicles as flexible structures and how they interact with aerodynamic forces. This took him to Cranfield University to study aircraft response in turbulence. Throughout this time he also worked as a freelance engineering consultant and his work with small measurement systems used in aerobatic aircraft came to the attention of Peter Wright at Team Lotus. At the time, the team was trying to understand more about the dynamics of its grand prix cars and, in 1976, Williams started consulting to Lotus. Leaving Cranfield in 1997, he remained a freelance consultant, and today much of his time is taken up with work for Multimatic on its suspension rigs in Norfolk, UK and Toronto.


NZV8 freelance photographic contributor Slotmedia held a party at Chicago bar in Wellington recently to celebrate the launch of its new website. This up and coming company has slowly made an impact in the motor world with photography, signwriting and now the addition of its clothing line. Friends and clients helped founders Duncan Rourke and Aaron

Chassissim Lite

Simulation package has just been released by well known Australian-based firm, ChassisSim. Dubbed ChassisSim Lite, it is intended as an affordable simulation package for freelance crew chiefs race engineers and team owners who want to be able to set up their cars scientifically, rather than just intuitively.


As Stefan Zeit, leader of the development team for the new S-series, has publicly acknowledged the 2005 Gixxer K5 as his biggest inspiration. There's a purity in the focus of the new Beemer on knee-trembling performance - this was once the reserve of the 'own the track' GSX-Rs - yet this puts it at odds with the rest of BMW's range, which has always piaced the demands of the road well ahead of track performance. Professor of Transport Design at the University of Munich and freelance bike designer Peter Naumann agrees

Good Exposure

Art Director Davis may have left the Import Tuner building for greener freelance pastures (at least, he hopes), but don't think that means Longshots will be going anywhere. Think your automotive photog skills are on par with the best Probably not, but all the same, we'd love to see them. Send guality photos of badass cars to longshots and keep your ThumbDrives crossed.

Scale Smallblock V8

Moyer builds all his scale engines himself at home in Boyds, Washington. It's a hobby he first started in 1964 with a four-cylinder overhead cam design of his own called The Coyotee sic , Moyer even has YouTube video of his latest creation (shown), which sounds pretty much like a hyper-active chainsaw on a rampage. All the parts in the miniature small-block are exquisitely crafted, and apparently work as well as the original full-sized pieces. Moyer also does work for hire, including welding and machining fabrication for prototype development and small-batch production runs.