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Many Ford enthusiasts pinpoint the Lincoln Mark VIII as the beginning of the modular revolution, but that is incorrect. In fact, the first modular engine showed up as early as 1991 between the fenders of the Lincoln Town Car. The new 4.6L engines featured cast-iron blocks and a single camshaft resting on each of the aluminum heads. If you look hard enough, you can find one of these early 4.6L blocks that feature a 302/5.0 bell-housing bolt pattern. In 1992, the Mustang minions continued to enjoy pushrod power from the 5.0L, while the 4.6 showed up in the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis platforms, as well as the Lincoln Town Cars.

The 4.6-powered fullsize models were followed by the Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar twins in 1994, which both received the 4.6L as a replacement for the good ol' 5.0L. When 1996 rolled around, the Mustang finally received the Two-Valve 4.6L in all its 215hp glory. Ford had finely tuned the modular mill since it only had a relatively small displacement motor to make horsepower. Gone were the leaps and bounds that the DIY weekend-wrencher could make with the pushrod 5.0L. None of the old tricks applied, and the fact that Ford introduced the more stringent second-generation onboard diagnostics only further deterred enthusiasts. Gearheads being creative people, it only took a bit of time and experience to find ways to improve on Ford's foundation.

The same year that the 4.6L debuted in the Mustang, Ford's prolific F-150 platform also received a pair of modular engine options. A Two-Valve 4.6L making 231 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque was the standard V-8, and knowing that F-150 owners liked to haul heavy stuff, Ford offered a larger 5.4L that put out 300 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque.

The all-new Ford Expedition debuted in 1997, and it offered the 4.6L with 215 hp/290 lb-ft of torque. Ford also optioned it with a 230 hp/ 325 lb-ft 5.4L engine. Ford's E-Series vans were also offered with the same engine choices. A year later, the Mustang saw power output rise to 225 hp and 286 lb-ft of torque. For 1999's New Edge Mustang, however, Ford's engineering squad heaved the old cylinder heads and intake manifold for a "power improved" set. Commonly known as the PI engine, the new Mustang powerplant

THE LIMITED-production '00 Cobra R Mustang packed a 5.4L iron-block that was topped off with potent Four-Valve DOHC cylinder heads. Pieces of this car's engine are even more rare than the entire car.


Most Paxton systems are available vyrtfi a 3^ar/B6,000 mile poweri rain limited viarranty.

Paxton's ease of installation, reliability and years of success boosting power on Ford vehicles make the N0vi-2200SL compressor Tulsa Car FX's first choice among centrifugal superchargers. With the added security of Paxton's extended powertrain limited warranty it's also the first choice among supercharger buyers in our market area, especially new car dealers."

- WW Williams. Tutsa Car FX TWsa, OWafjOTOS

"We selected Paxton's tried-arid-true NOVI-2000 supercharger system for our 1986 T-top coupe Mustang, mainly because it has long been considered the only blower a "Stangwill need as it progresses through each stage of the boost-making spectrum-from 8-psi mild for the street, to more than 20-pst wild for the drag strip! One 'Stang. one blower, and nothing more than a change of pulleys, appropriate injectors, hot ignition and a good fuel system are required for making big steam (on the dyno, our project Pony laid down 830 HP and 727 Ib.ft. at the rear wheels, wlthoutan intercooler)

- KJ Jones, Technical Editor.

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Whether it's for a 2010 GT or classic Fox-body, your best boosting solution is with Paxton NOVI Power.

For more information call: 1-888-9-PAXT0N or online: PAXTONAUTO.COM

| jk jk jk m ┬ę2009 Fasten- Automotive. All rights reserved. Product Disclaimer: Alt illustrations, photographs, and specItications in Lhis publication ere based on the lOvJ^T^i O 1 latest information available. All pioducts/speciticalions are subject In change without notice ┬╗Supercharged horse power shown Is a calculated estimate C e it t i f I E D based on percentage increases from actual rear wheel horsepower measurements. These systems are nol currently 50-state smog legal.


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