Xtreme Viewpoint

FRAME: Narrow and wide with excellent peripheral vision. Stiff frame.

FOAM: Three layers-porous medium density, an extremely dense layer, and another very dense layer.

COLORS: Carbon, silver, red, gold, orange, charcoal, white, matte black, and blue (shown).

STRAP: 1-1/2 inches wide with three beads of silicone.

VENTILATION: Fair. Vent ports at top and bottom of the frame.

TEAR-OFF POSTS: Yes. A ten-pack of tear-offs costs $9.99.

LENS: Mirrored Lexan with scratch-resistance and anti-fog coating.

OTHER FEATURES: The frame has a hand-sprayed metallic paint finish.

WEB: xtrememx.com

CONTACT: Your local : dealer.

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