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SPROCKETS"—For 2009, Sidewinder Sprockets and Chains brings you the sprocket you've been waiting for...A Guaranteed-For-Life "Titanium II." Building on the highly successful "Ti-MOLY" line, Sidewinder engineers have now enhanced the already legendary strength and durability of their exclusive Ti-Moly material by the addition of molecular Boron. The result is "Titanium II"...the only sprocket in the world that comes with a Lifetime Guarantee against wearing out. You won't get that with any aluminum or multi-piece aluminum/steel sprocket from any other manufacturer in the world, period. Sidewinder is first again with a product no one else can match. Ti-ll is the sprocket for smart buyers...never buy another sprocket again. Also, if you are an American—check this out...Sidewinders are not made in England, Czechoslovakia, Lower Slobovia, Taiwan, China or anywhere else—Sidewinders are made in the USA. Call today for "Ti-ll" availability and price for your make and model. (630) 513-1000 (24/7) or go to

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