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Safety Most neck braces rest on your shoulders which means that upon impact, the pressure is directed to a small area. Often your collarbone and sternum suffer the brunt during impact. Omega is different. Omega's innovative shape and adjustable suspension system work together to distribute the force and make the impact much more manageable. Less force means less risk of injury.

Mobility. The Omega allows for much better mobility and is less restrictive than closed collar braces. When you have a wider range of mobility, you create a wider range of vision. And that's extremely important, especially when you're looking forward while jumping and turning.

Comfort. Omega's revolutionary light-weight construction maximizes comfort without sacrificing protection. The open-front design allows better airflow and is less restrictive. In fact, Omega reduces the type of throat and neck injuries that can occur with closed collar-style braces. Whether you're purchasing your first neck brace or upgrading to one that offers maximum protection without side effects, look to the shape of future protection. Look to the shape of Omega.

Removable machine washable liner

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