Great Moments


Who is that masked man on the cover of the September 1989 issue? If you guessed former Australian racer turned American racer turned European CP racer Jeff Leisk, you win a kewpie doll. Leisk made the cover for finishing third at the Hollister, California, 500 USCP. Jeff Stanton and Ron Lechien were the only American factory riders to show up. Ronnie won both motos.


PATENT #7510050 We created and patented technology, finding horsepower where no one else thought to look. Featuring a fusion of next generation technology and aerospace-grade titanium construction, our MEGABOMB7 performance header sets the world standard.

Our competitors have started building copycat BOMB7' headers. Innovation drives us...our competition follows years behind us. Set your bike up with an original FMF BOMB" and feel the power of factory technology.


Increases output from stock motor as much as 15% Produces long header torque and short header over-rev Reduces sound output as much as 1.5dB Made from premium American TiMetalĀ® material Patented design

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