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tcx pro 2

Height: 14-1/4 inches.

Toe box/shifting: Good. Hard top limits shifter feel, but flexibility of the medium-height toe box leaves plenty of room for accurate shifting.

Weight: 4.7 pounds.

Sizing: Small. Snug sizing of boot and inner bootie. Fit and feel of the bootie is a little different, however, and some testers complained that the fit was a little tight in the heel area.

Buckles: Poor. Easy to adjust, but they also pull out of the boot easily.

Break-in: Good. Quick. They were broken in by the second moto.

Padding/insole: Soft, comfortable gel padding in the bootie. Insole is thin, but combines with the bootie for a supportive base.

Sole: Dual-compound sole features a unique pattern. Boot has a rigid, supportive base.

Bootie: Yes.

Protection/support: Good impact protection everywhere except the front of ankle area. Instead of a pivot, the TCX utilizes a complex plug-in system that limits side-to-side movement but allows fore and aft movement. It's very complicated in the ankle area.

Bike interface: Bulky where the ankle contacts the bike. Some issues with the multiple plastic pieces hooking on the frame.

Colors: White, silver and black.

Sizes: 5 through 14.

Contact: Your local dealer. I Vf^Sl

Web: ^^^

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