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The three Butler brothers started their race team in 2004 as a way of supporting their own racing careers. Eventually, the brothers cut back on their racing and began using their team to help other aspiring pros. The Butler Brothers Motocross team (BBMX) is not a factory-backed, shop-supported or business-driven effort. It doesn't sell motocross products in addition to racing. Essentially, the race team is a business in itself, and that's how the Butler brothers have chosen to run it. Their business model isn't unique in the world of racing, but its longevity is new to the world of motocross. For the 2008 season, the Butler Brothers team had two semis and fielded an amazing (and mind-boggling) seven riders. This year, however, racing budgets are shrinking along with the world economy, and every team has had to tighten its belts. The Butler brothers are no exception.

In the new world order, the Butler brothers decided to focus on fewer riders and put more emphasis on having the best equipment possible for those riders.

BBMX rider Jason Thomas (JT) turned pro in 1997. In fact, when the 2009 450 Nationals began at Glen Helen, it marked Jason's 125th AMA start. As the veteran of the team, Jason takes a leadership role by virtue of his hard work, upbeat attitude and on-track determination. Jason's time on the circuit also gives the team a wealth of testing experience. Jason plays an important role in helping develop bike setup for the team.

With many factories talking about cutting back on their in-house race teams next year, it is expected that satellite teams, especially those with a track record for finding sponsors to help pay the bills, might become the front-line teams of the near future. In this scenario, teams like Butler Brothers might play an increasingly large role in the big picture of championship racing—after all, James Stewart won the 2009 Supercross Championship for a privately funded team.

Which led the MXA wrecking crew to throw a leg over Jason Thomas' DNA/BBMX Honda CRF450.

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