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Feature our race proven oil control system! Designed to reduce windage, increase horsepower and help maintain constant oil pressure!

Add style and strength with our fabricated aluminum tanks and valve covers. Made from .100 Aluminum for extreme durability!


1. Publication fitli: S.J Mustang ft Super Fords

2. Publication Number: 154 7-4364 ]. filing Date: 10/01/10

4. Issue fieqnency Monthly

5. Numbei of Issues Published Annually 12 t. Annual Subscription Price SIB DJ

J. Complete Mailing Address ol Known Ollici ol Publication 261 Madison In., lew Kuril. MY 1001( 230] Contact Peison Brian laboe telephone I2I2I91S-4I82 8. Complete Mailing Address ol Headquarters et General Business Office el Publisher Source Interlink Media LLC. 201 Madison Aie, lew fork. N» 10018-2383

i full Karnes and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher. Editor, and Managing tdrtor.

Publisher. Jin Fnes. 9030 Bntlany War. fampa. IL 33019 Editor: Store Tomer, 3030 Brittany War. Tampa. Fl 33019 Managing Editor: Angie Walsen. 9030 Brittany Way. lampa. fl 33119

10. Owner Sevres Interlink Companies Inc.. 27SJ0 Bivernew Center Blnf. Somla Spring!, fl 34134-4331

11. Knem Bondholders. Mortgagees and Other Security Holders O wning or Heldmg I Percent or Mere nl Fatal Amount ol Bonds. MortgagesatOther Securities. lone

12.1« Status: The purpose, 'unction, and nonprofit status ol this organisation and lie eiempt status for federal income tai purposes

Bas lot Changed During Preceding 12 Months □ Has Changed During [fie Pieccding 12 Menths

13. Publication Title: S O Mustang & Super fords

14. Issue Date 1« Circulation Data Belnw: September 2010

IS. fxlent and latere el Circulation.

Average Me. ol Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months l Total lumber of Copies file! press run) 121.S/0 I. Paid Circulation |Dy Mail and Outside the Had)

(1) Mailed Oulside-Ceunty Paid Subscriptions Staled an fune PS fern 3S4I (Include paid distribution above nominal rale, advertiser's proof copies, and exchange options) 53.857

12) Mailed In-Curinty Paid Subscnpliws Stated en PS for» 3541 ¡Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser's proof copies, and exchange options! 0

(3) Paid Distribution Outside the Mail Including Sales Through Dealers and Carriers. Street Vendors. Counter Sales, and Other Paid Distribution Outside DSPS 20.001 |4) Pad Distribution by Other Classes el Mail Through the DSPS {e.g.. first-Oast Mailt I

. Total Paid Disliifautiun

L Free or Nominal Rate Oislrihutiuu (By Mail and Outside the Maili II) fret or Nemuial Rate Outside-County Copies d un PS Fura 3541 1.141

No. Copies el Single Issue Published Neatest to Filing Dato 113.093

0 0

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