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To expedite our testing, Lethal baselined the car before we arrived. Then we followed the installation of the driveshaft and exhaust at Power By The Hour before dynoing again, so the exhaust and driveshaft were the only parts not dyno'd separately. We would expect most of the gain came from the exhaust in that case, but we're just letting you know so you can accurately digest the info.

In any case, adding a basic group of bolt-ons— exhaust, driveshaft, JLT CAI, and tune—put the Lethal '11 over 400 ponies at the feet! The car still has the stock engine from throttle body to exhaust manifolds. That's an impressive feat, but topping that off with a 125-shot from a Zex nitrous kit took the car up to 485 hp and nearly 500 Ib-ft of torque!

Simply put, this car is a sleeper that can hurt the feelings of unsuspecting challengers.

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