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AShades of Fox-body, SN-95 and New Edge shifters right hereā€”the '11 Mustang's Getrag MT82 six-speed has the same internal design as the transmissions found in earlier (we're almost tempted to say "old-school") Ponies. The stock shifter's plastic cup is transferred to the bottom of the Tri-Ax, and the new handle is set in place on top of the shifter's base. Before final tightening of the bolts, make sure the shifter goes into all gears. The flat face on the lever's Reverse Lockout ear should almost touch the boss on the side of the shifter base, in First and Second gears. Because of this requirement, the Tri-Ax shifter may need to be adjusted slightly to the left or right before it is finally secured.

A Back below the 'Stang, Chad reinstalls the rubber bushing on the base of the shifter and resecures the assembly using the two 10mm nuts previously removed.

A After reinstalling the rubber boot over the shifter and the floorpan, making sure the boot fits over the new shifter handle the same way it did with the factory piece, Chad refits the insulation/sound deadening material back over the shifter and floor.

AWith the center console back in place (remember to reconnect the electrical connectors that were disconnected earlier) and the shift knob reinstalled, the Steeda Tri-Ax looks like OEM in the '11 Mustang. However, as Big Steve learned during his 10-day road test, this short-throw handle puts a new dimension on getting aggressive with the '11's Coyote 5.0 powerplant and MT82 tranny. The shifts are shorter, and it takes a bit more muscle to get the car in Reverse. This is to prevent you from accidentally downshifting into Reverse! 5.0

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