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Mustang resto specialists Latemodel Restoration Supply added a '93-'95 and '99-'04 Ford SVT LIGHTNING truck section to its website at It features resto and performance parts for the SVT pickups... Shelby American has opened a speed shop at its Las Vegas, Nevada, facility, dubbed the Shelby American Motorsports Speed Shop. "While we specialize in all American high-performance cars, our experienced team can tune and work on just about everything," noted Gary Davis, vice president of SHELBY AMERICAN. "In addition to dyno tuning, we can install headers, cams, heads, cold-air intakes, superchargers, and other performance upgrades on all of the brands. From Shelbys to Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, F150s and Challengers, we can custom-build just about anything a customer can dream. We've even tuned sand buggies."... If your '11 GT500 exhibits steering shudder under heavy braking, a steering-wheel nibble, or a drift-pull condition, you just might need your EPAS re-flashed. Take it into the dealer and tell them to check out TSB 10-16-4... CORRECTION: We got a little turbo crazy with our Nov. '10 cover car by calling it a twin-turbo car ("Expedited Delivery," p. 44). Obviously the sick Saleen only needed one turbo to make big steam... 5.0

Performance Diagnostics


The DiabloSport Trinity is the mosl advanced tuning device in the market! Trinity is a performance programmer, virtual gauge monitor, virtual drag strip, and diagnostic code reader all in one!

Racing Monitoring Logging

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