Sabre Troop

These pictures of me are at the famous Cross Sabres in Baghdad, Iraq.This was Iraq's monument to its "victory over Iran."

I have included a picture of my I -of-717 Rio Red with Saddle Tan leather Cobra, number 3,800 of 4,005. Here is a short list of mods: MAC CAI, 3.73s, BBK short-tubes, Pypes X-shape crossover, Flowmasters, MSD cap and wires, Eibach Sportline springs, Tokico shocks, BBK caster/camber plates, Maximum Motorsports sway bars, Boss 338 wheels, and Nexen tires.

I look forward to coming home in a few weeks. Keep up the good work. I love the magazine!

Justin Snell


[email protected]

Thanks for your service to our country. We appreciate you fighting for our freedom to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and Mustangs. We trust the first thing you did after seeing your family and friends was to take that Cobra for a ride. It sounds like a fun car with that mod list Here's to adding a few more mods.

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