ROUSH 2011 Mustang 50L Exhaust

Round Tip Kit #421127 Retail Price $339.00

Installation is quick, easy, and uses all factory hanger locations and pierce points. l\lo modifications to the vehicle are necessary. All the hangers are chromed for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. New, high quality OE-spherical clamps are included in the kit.

Body Kits

2011 Mustang

. Quarter Window

Louvers Part #420093 ■ S170.93

• Front Fascia Part #420000 $650.00

• Side Splitters — Part #420092 $149.00 Rear Valance -- Part #420009 - $175.00 Billet Upper Grille - Part #404473 - $234.99 Billet Low Grille - Part #420128 - $209.99

Upgrade the styling of your new 2011 Mustang

Since being established in 197B as Jack Rousn Performance Engineering, ROUSH has become the winningest name in racing, with numerous championships in professional drag racing, road racing, and NASCAR.

The ROUSH company is also recognized internationally as a premier provider of automotive product development and systems integration solutions, with more than 2,000 employees in facilities across tne globe. As a result, every ROUSH Product shares in this rich tradition of racing performance and the highest level of OEM quality and design.

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