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Retro Mirrors for the Mach 1 Look

Text & Photos By Mike Smith

There are endless options for upgrading your S197's exterior; everything from the simple grille to full blown body kits. Whether you're totally stock or show car loaded, an important piece to keep in mind is your mirrors. While the factory units work fine day to day, if you want to give your ride some retro 60's cool, one great way to go is the Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors (our part # 057-170). More than just looking bad ass, the retro race mirrors are fully functional, meaning you're not going to have to give up your power mirrors to get that insane look. That's what we call a win-win situation. Let's see what it takes to install a set of these...

The Install

Before starting the install, Dan Sanchez and Drew Phillips, the authors of Weekend Projects for Your Mustang point out that "2006 and later Mustang models have an uncommon-looking harness for the mirror motors" and that "it may require some thought to properly maneuver the harness out of the factory mirror shell." While still an easy install, if you've got a 2006 or later keep that in mind.


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Now you can step back and behold: Your ride has that 1969 Mach 1 look. Yup, retro looks, functionality, ease of install, and it's affordable! Come to think of it I guess it's a win-win-win-win situation after all.

Dan Sanchez and Drew Phillips' book "Weekend Projects for your Mustang 2005 -Today" published by Motorbooks Workshop is an outstanding resource for customizing your ride. Get yours at Moss Muscle!

First, unbolt the stock mirrors. To get at them, pry off the inner door panel piece that covers the mirror bolts. Once you've got the trim piece off, disconnect the mirror's wiring harness and remove the three nuts holding the mirror in place. Now that the mirror is off the car you're going to need to disassemble the factory mirror assembly. The mirror motor with the wiring harness, the weather stripping and the fastening studs will all be used on our new mirrors.

Pull the factory mirror glass off the housing to get to the screws that secure the housing. Remove the screws along with the motor and the wiring harness. Put those aside and remove the weather stripping and the studs that attach the mirror to the car. Now that you have all of the factory parts off they need to be re-installed on our Agent 47 mirrors. Start by installing the motor, then snap the new glass onto the motor. Once you've got the mirror on, install the weather stripping and bolt the mirror back onto the car. How easy was that?

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