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Billet Grilles 2010-Current

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Rear Spoilers

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In today's world of antiroll bars and trick control arms, using a single airbag in the passenger-side rear spring really brings back memories of the early days of the Mustang hobby!

The valve stem for your air line can be mounted almost anywhere on a Fox-body 'Stang. Of course, you should put it in the rear area of the car and keep the amount of line to a decent minimum.

We're big fans of using "natural holes" in a 'Stang's body/chassis for such installations, so we suggest you consider running the line through the grommet in the floor near the passenger-side shock tower, and into the hatch area.

If you prefer a cleaner/more-stealth look, installing the valve inside the fuel door is a popular option. We also really like a placement that was recently seen on a Mustang competing in the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl event in Joliet, Illinois. One street/strip 'Stang owner installed the valve as a replacement for one of the bolts that secure the license plate. A tight-fitting washer and the valve stem's cap held the stem in place.

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Cars are only original once, but LaGrangeville, New York's Kevin Moran took the wrench to his '94 GT convertible anyway. His GT has roughly 39,000 miles on it and was original when he purchased it in 2005. It still boasts the original paint, but the original pushrod 5.0 gained a Typhoon intake, GT-40X heads, 24-lb/hr injectors, a BBK Performance cold-air intake, a 70mm throttle body, underdrive pulleys, headers, an X-shape crossover, and a Flowmaster after-cat exhaust.To keep twist at a minimum, Kevin has added subframe connectors, and to get the revs in the right spot, the droptop sports 3.73 gears. "I enjoy driving it to local car shows and around town," Kevin says.We would, too.

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