On The Dyno

he dyno portion of this project was truly a highlight, as not only did we see how rowdy an '11 Pony becomes when boost is introduced, we literally witnessed ProCharg-er's first steps in creating the tune that will be included with each 1FR214-SCI supercharger kit for automatic cars. Supercharger hardware is the same for stick and automatic 'Stangs—save for one or two small variances—but there is no crossover between calibrations for the two transmissions.

There was a time when performing tests like this with automatic-equipped Mustangs was frowned upon as the heavy AOD, AODE, and 5R55 units are considered power-killing parasites I of a Pony's drivetrain. Things are much different with the six-speed auto trans that is available for '11 GTs. While the gearbox is heavy, PCM commands for torque management, and greater shift B and torque-converter control/efficiency (lockup paiHi and so on) make power loss much less than it has been for 'Stangs with automatic slushboxes.

With assistance from Mustang-tuning specialist John Lund, ProCharger's calibration engineer, Nick Schmidt, established fuel and timing parameters for the automatic '11's PCM that helped our test 'Stang make 164 rwhp and 68 Ib-ft of torque beyond its baseline (353 hp/339 Ib-ft). This also isn't too far off the numbers that we've seen recorded in a similar tests with the P-1SC-1 set up on manually shifted 'Stangs. Of course our tester had ARH long-tubes and a catalytic X helping its cause, so take that for what its worth.

ProCharger's new blower brings smooth, linear, and stealth power and torque to the feet of Coyote-powered 'Stangs with either transmission, and definitely makes Ford's great-from-the-factory 5.0 Mustang even better.

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