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After such great success with the basic bolt-ons, you can probably guess that Lethal's next move with this project involves boost. As proponents of Whipple's line of twin-screw superchargers, it's no surprise one of these blowers will crown Lethal's 5.0.

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COYOTE HOWL Text and Photos by Steve Turner

The moment a new Mustang is announced, the aftermarket wheels start turning. For us, it's one of the most exciting times in magazine land.The anticipation of how the next Mustang will respond to the overtures of speed freaks is at the heart of what we do. As such, when we finally get down to business with a real-world car and a pile of parts, it's quite simply a lot of fun.

When Lethal Performance approached us about covering the buildup of its latest project car—a Grabber Blue ' 11 GT—it didn't take long to say "yes." We've seen the fearlessness with which the company has approached its previous project cars, particularly the massive overhaul of fresh-off-the-lot GT500s. Knowing the company would dive right into the new 5.0 with the same abandon made it an easy choice.

"We knew the 201 I GT was going to be a success," Lethal Performance's Jared Rosen explained."From its power rating to its fuel economy to its price, it can't be beat.That basically made it a no-brainer to get one. It also opened the door for us to help develop and test new parts as the motor, fuel system, and many other things had changed from the previous year."

While it would be easy to go nuts on the new Mustang with forced induction, the plan was to show a bit of restraint—at least, initially. As such, Jared formulated a logical package of the typical intake and exhaust bolt-ons for our test. Of course, never one to leave well enough alone, Jared already had a nitrous kit onboard to put the icing on the bolt-on cake. As you'll see from our dyno sidebar, the results were quite impressive for such a modest list of additions.

▲ As soon as Jared picked up Lethal's '11 GT from Weikert Ford in Lake Worth, Florida, he had the car's exhaust measured so Lethal could offer its own 3 inch off-road midpipe (PN LP-2011GTORX: $299). This aluminized-steel, mandrel-bent, X-shaped crossover bolts right to the factory Tri-Ys and after-cat, and eliminates the factory catalytic conveners. When you remove the cats, that mandates you flash the car with a custom tune too, or you'll see a Check Engine light.

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