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▲There are two things we love about the Hot Street class: sky-high rpm and chin-hair-close competition. Don Bowles stood atop the quali tying ladder with an 8.63 at 158 mph. With seven cars in attendance, just two tenths separated Don Bowles from number-seven qualifier Rob Valden. In naturally aspirated competition, that might as well be a mile. Don survived eliminations and took on Charlie Booze Jr. in the final, where he was able to eek out a victory by 0.004 second.

► Charlie Booze still runs a Kuntz and Company 400ci combination in his Hot Street car. Others in the class have moved up to 420ci combinations, but Charlie is sticking with his 400 cubes—and who could blame him. Charlie's red rocker is still in the hunt at every event, and zMAX was no different. He qualified fourth with an 8.69 at 155 mph, and then advanced thanks to redlight starts by both Rob Valden in Round 1 and Rick Riccardi in Round 2 (a heartbreaking -0.397 light). In the final against Don Bowles, Charlie got the holeshot, but he was unable to make it stick.

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