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means you can't accurately compare the short- and long-tubes directly, but the relative improvements are easy enough to spot.

In the future, we'll double-check that testing starts in the standard gear for '11 Mustangs—Fifth. In the meantime, it's something to keep in mind when considering '11 Mustang chassis dyno tests you conduct or read about.

► Header installation is essentially the same for either the short- or long-tubes. Disconnect the battery to avoid arcing your tools on the starter motor, remove as many nuts from the upper row of header studs as you can from the top of the engine compartment, along with the nuts securing the engine mount brackets to the engine mount cushions as shown. Long extensions, a universal joint wrapped in tape, and a socket are the hot setup.

► Next, move under the car, remove the cross-car brace just aft of the engine, disconnect the oxygen sensors, and remove the catalytic converters.

On the '11 GT, the H-pipe section is in three pieces: a right converter, a left converter, and the H-section behind them. This breaks the work into easily managed chunks, and with the great Ford hardware, there are no hassles with cheap, rusted connections.

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