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Ql've been following KJ Jones' experiences with the supercharged T-top coupe. I have a somewhat similar street/strip setup (turbo instead of blower; mine is a hardtop) that makes almost 1,000 hp, and I'm trying to find a radiator that will keep the engine cool on the street. I already have a remote-mount, 55-gph pump, like the one on your project car, and a good fan.

I don't want to spend good money on a radiator and then quickly find out that I need to spend even more money for a better one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Name Withheld Via the Internet

A The Afco radiator/water pump/fan unit in Project T-top Coupe performs well, keeping engine temps below 200 degrees during the height of SoCol's summer cruise season, when temperatures in the San Fernando Valley are in the low 100s.

Naturally, installing the largest (3 Ix 19-inch) radiator that will fit inside the core support of your Fox is the best option. However, we've found that a relatively inexpensive (and good) alternative is to use the factory-installed radiator from on '03-'04 Cobro.This rod requires little chassis modification to fit in the stock location on a '79-'93 Mustang. However, it usually requires adding a remote cap or installing a Terminator's OEM coolant recovery tank, as there is no provision for placing a cap directly on the radiator. 5.0

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