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transmission.The ultra-slick-shifting Jerico was no problem, but the grabby four-disc metal clutch that came with it proved impossible on the street.The cure turned out to be aT-56 six-speed and associated short-throw shifter.The stock 8.8-inch rear axle remains.

Matt says he gave the Cobra to House of Boost with "a few blemishes in the front" and they returned the car in its glory as you see it. That meant fitting and painting a Cobra R hood and front bumper, plus cutting the original paint back to a high gloss, along with extra work on those front-end blemishes. Obviously House of Boost put in the hours filling holes in the engine compartment, re-routing hoses and lines, and generally creating a sanitary underhood presentation.

Because Matt was building a fun car for quick thrills on occasion, the chassis received modest—compared to the power— upgrading. House of Boost installed most of what Maximum Motorsports offers for the Fox Mustang, including a K-member, control arms, coilovers, bumpsteer kit, and so on. Braking, on the other hand, is still essentially stock, but augmented by a homegrown water cooling system Matt custom built from his water injection parts. It uses the usual Snow Performance reservoir and pump, but instead of misting water into the intake manifold, the nozzles shoot at the inside of the front brake discs.The system is energized via the brake-light switch circuit.

In the cockpit, House of Boost did a nice job of integrating the water-methanol injection system in custom enclosures, including the electronic controller, which gets its own showy, backlit Snow logo on the center console.

Matt enthusiastically put us behind the wheel of his new beast at the also new and entertaining High Plains road course east of

▲ If you put a NASCAR engine in your Fox, you might as well supercharge it. The aptly named House of Boost helped Matt out with this pressing need, performing a positively hygienic installation of a ProCharger F-2 where one had never gone before. That industrial-looking belt guard prevents the absent-minded from too easily inserting flesh into the moving parts.

T Just to make sure everyone knows something is going on, Matt Snow put four water-meth injection nozzles in his intake tract. One will do the job—or maybe two just to make sure—but four is just for fun. Each nozzle can atomize 225 ml/min of water/methanol mix, but Matt has his system tuned to start intermittent flow at 6 pounds of boost, ramping up to full flow at 14 psi. The ProCharger makes 5 pounds of boost at 4,500 rpm and peaks at 16 psi at 7,500 rpm, so the water-meth "leads" the boost in case the boost spikes when the tires break loose. The intake manifold is an Edelbrock 351-Y Glidden Victor.

A Heater hoses never looked so good. House of Boost groomed Matt's Fox with a full complement of color-coordinated plumbing and accessories. Except for hoses originating at the engine, such as these, House of Boost swept the engine compartment clean of all hoses, lines, and wires; filled in a million holes in the inner fenders; and dipped the result in body-color red.

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