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▲ Undoubtedly the wildest Mustang we pointed a camera at during Mustang Week, this car is owned by Melvin Skinner, main man at Fastlane Performance in Benson, North Carolina. This reconstituted S197 is Melvin's idea of the ideal Saturday-night cruiser. It's Pro Street visage is so wild, it just made us giggle. The massive rear wheels fill the mini-tubs to the brim, and the huge roots-blown 5.4 pokes through the hood like it's straight out of a Rat Fink cartoon. Count on a full feature of this ride in an upcoming issue of your favorite magazine.

▲ Sure a ripped, flamed paint scheme on a Terminator garners its share of looks, but this Cobra also sported a polished Kenne Bell blower to back up the show with an abundance of go.

▲ Last year Robbie Miller rolled into Mustang Week with his Fox coupe, but in 2010 his other project got the nod. He scored a good deal on this Mystichrome Terminator, which already had quite the mod list, including a Kenne Bell blower, when he scored the deal. With a clean Fox and a rare Terminator, Robbie is a lucky man. His next project is a modular Fox swap.

▲ A familiar face we saw several times during the week was King of the Street alumnus Jerome Shumate and his '92 LX coupe. Jerome wheeled his car to all the events, but it really looked at home smoking the tires at Darlington.

▲ Another of my favorite rides in the show was this '83 Mustang coupe. It was hard to place exactly what year it was at first glance, as it has facets of several Fox-model years. The fusion of an '82 GT nose on a coupe body really resonated with retro flair, and the FR500 wheels brought a hint of modern style to the stew.

▲ Jeremy Martorella of UPR did double-duty on the dragstrip, as he also wheeled UPR Products' new project, another '11 GT. With a mod list as simple as a K&N drop-in filter, a tune, and Mickey Thompson drag radials, the UPR GT ripped off a 12.41 at 113 mph thanks to Jeremy's stickmanship. Back at his home track, Palm Beach International Raceway, Jeremy took the ride down to a 12.16 at 116 mph thanks to the addition of American Racing Headers long-tubes and a custom DiabloSport tune by Ken Bjonnes.

▲ We're still waiting to run a feature on Jim Broome's award-winning Fox show car from last year's Mustang Week, but this year Jim had an all-new car. He started the project as a road-racing project but gravitated right back to the show field with this 2.3-turbo Fox. This car featured some insane custom paint and a lot of slick details.

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