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FOUR POWERFUL FORD HEAD PACKAGES $1480 $1505 $1897 $2079

set 165cc Port Volume set 185cc Port Volume set 205cc Port Volume set 225cc Port Volume

AFR's SB Ford heads provide you with the optimal port & chamber configurations allowing levels of air flow efficiency never achieved before in a mass produced piece. AFR heads feature the highest average airflow and the strongest peak flow numbers. Our street heads outflow our competitors race heads and our race heads are in a league of their own.

• For Street/Strip 289-400+ C.I. • Race Ready 205cc Heads Exhaust

• Highest Air Flow with Strong Low & Raised 1/8" & 225cc Raised 3/8" Midrange Flow Numbers • Our 165cc & 185cc Heads Are

• Ideal For Nitrous/Blower Applications Emissions Legal (E.0.#250-3)

• Fits Most Stock Engine Parts

Muscle Mustang and Fast Ford dyno tested Ford's 392 C.I.

crate engine with GT 40-X alum, heads then swapped the 0cc to^ TO^O

GT 40-X heads for a pair of AFR's 185cc street heads and ODD""i ¿1Z

picked up an incredible 75 HP with no other changes.

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