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fter electing to fly into Myrtle Beach for the big show this year, I needed something to drive around in while I was there. I couldn't think of a better car to attend

Mustang Week in this year than an '11 Mustang GT with the new 5.0. As fate would have it, I actually managed to borrow one from Ford for the week, and boy was that a mistake...

It was a huge mistake, because it reminded me just how badly I want one of these cars. Fresh out of appreciating just how good the '11 V-6 is, I was back behind the wheel of a new 5.0, and I immediately started jonesing for one of these as a daily driver. It is smooth, quiet, and thunders all the way up to the rev limiter. My only true complaint about the car is that pesky skip-shift feature. Boy is that annoying.

Having smooth Coyote power bolted into a quiet chassis and topped off with electronic goodies makes for likely the best stock Mustang yet. Sure it would be easy to go crazy with mods, but it would be just as easy for me to make a few select mods and love the car every day.

In short, just like I told Tech Editor Jones before he drove one, don't drive an '11 if you don't have the means to get one—as soon as you drive it, you'll want one.

2011 Supercharger

20115.0L Ford Racing Superchargers

Whether you're looking for a daily driver that needs a little more punch or you 're craving a tire-frying, rubber shredding street machine, the Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger systems deliver like no other SC system today. Power from tip-in to redline.

M6066MGT525D 525HP KIT s6,899.95 M6066MGT624D 624HP KIT «7,199.95 M6066MGT23TD TUNER KIT «6,199.95

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Headlight Kits

1987-1993 Six Piece Headlight Kits

Are your headlights turning yellow from years of abuse from the sun? These kits will get your fox body Mustang looking great again!


HLK28 CLEAR «99.95

HLK3 SMOKED «139.95



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Billet Engine Caps

2005-2009 Billet Engine Cap Kit

Dress up your Mustang's engine bay with these solid billet caps. This kit includes the master cylinder cap, washer reservoir cap power steering reservoir cap cover, radiator overflow cap cover and oil fill cap cover.

EDU63 2005-2009 GT KIT «199.95 EDU57 2005-2009 V6 KIT «274.95 EDU52 2007-2009 GT500 «249.95

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MGP Caliper Covers

1987-2011 Mustang Caliper Covers

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