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In the past few years, drifting has gained serious mainstream traction in the U.S. Once thought of as a sport for imports, the barriers between import and domestic iron have been broken down in a big way. Vaughn Gittin Jr. exploded on the Formula Drift scene with his '05 Mustang and began honing his skills. In 2010, he unveiled his Monster Energy/Ford Racing/Falken Tire-sponsored 2011 Mustang and has been a force to be reckoned with all season. Vaughn has taken five podiums in the first six rounds of the 2010 Formula D season, and held on to the points lead the entire way. With one round left for the year, we hope Vaughn keeps his momentum going and brings home the championship for Monster Energy, Falken Tires, Ford Racing, and Drift Alliance. We like the fact that Vaughn has taken a Mustang in a non-traditional forum and he has found great success. And what's better than being sideways?


Though 1,000-rwhp Mustangs are extremely impressive, they make up the minority. There are many readers who still rely on the old Fox-body, and Tedd Siegel has built a clean example that really turned us on. Not due to big power or over-the-top paint, but for its simplicity and the fact that restoring a once-worn LX is a very cool thing to do. Tedd Siegel is the owner of TMS Autosports, and he built this super-clean '87 LX to showcase what a real, daily driven Mustang can be.

At first glance, this yellow coupe screams

look at me. Upon further inspection, you'll find an amazingly clean Fox that has been built to better-than-stock condition. Though it may not make tire-shredding horsepower, you can get in and literally drive anywhere. Tedd has built a Mustang that is incredibly enjoyable, comfortable, and fun to drive. In doing so, he showcased the plethora of new parts available to Mustang enthusiasts to bring back an old Fox, and we feel this could be the next trend in Mustang building.

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Jason Lee '86 NMRA Drag Radial Mustang

Anyone who has watched D.O.T.-legal radial racing knows it's exciting. Radial racing is serious business, and Jason Lee of Maumee, Ohio has made it his. Jason, who competes in the BFGoodrich Drag Radial class in NMRA competition, has been the man to beat in 2010. The '09 class champion came into the '10 season with serious momentum and hasn't looked hack. Going into the final event of the '10 NMRA season at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Jason has had a near-perfect season, winning all but one race in 2010. He also clinched his second consecutive BFGoodrich Drag Radial Championship prior to the last race.

Tim Crotty

'08 Shelby Mustang

Tim Crotty's '08 Mustang convertible is one of the most powerful cars we've featured this year. The March cover car was built by Blow-By Racing in Boca Raton, Florida, and sports a stroked Three-Valve with a 2.8 Mammoth Kenne Bell Twin Screw supercharger. The street-driven monster lays down close to 900 rwhp. Tim has plans for a liquid cooled version of the 2.8 Mammoth to lower the AITs and a larger water/methanol injection system to add a few more ponies under boost.

Phil Smith

'08 Mustang GT

FRP Customs Is one of the premier automotive customization shops in Southern California and is owned by Phil Smith. Phil is also the proud owner of this unique S197. With awesome custom paint and tons of power from the rear-mounted turbos, his '08 GT offers a very high fun factor. The Foose Design body kit and airbag suspension add to the style and aggressive looks of the S197, and custom touches blend into the interior and tie everything together. TO

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