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Refined power is one of the most accurate ways to describe the 2011 GT500, which for us, is arguably the best Mustang ever built. Ford's flagship performance vehicle truly has it all. With 550hp, an amazing amount of handling and comfort, good fuel efficiency, and a sinister look, Ford's Special Vehicle Team is 100-percent dialed in.

The new all-aluminum supercharged 5.4L powerplant, combined with the new electric power steering system, dropped over 120 pounds from the nose, which helped improve real-world performance. Add in the SVT Performance Pack and you're ready to hit the track. The newly-designed Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 tires give you an incredible level of grip without being overly noisy or harsh. The Brembo brakes give you total confidence in the GT500's ability to come to a stop safely, even though curb weight comes in above 3,800 pounds. Recent tests by our staff showed the GT500 is capable of running 11.80s at 119 mph in bone-stock trim, making it the quickest factory Mustang ever tested on stock tires. That alone puts the GT500 in rare air.


Adjustable Front Rear

205*65 R-15

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