ith a goal of 1,000 rwhp, we realize it will be onerous to reach the plateau without addressing the T-top coupe's supercharger situation. While we're sure the Paxton Novi 2000 that has helped get it to 866 hp is plenty capable of producing the required amount of boost for a thousand ponies, we've come to accept the fact that it cannot happen without cooling the air charge.

To fix this, we're adding Vortech's Mondo water-to-air intercooler to our project car. The Igloo allows air to pass across ice-water-cooled cores, which dissapate heat and dramatically reduce air temperature/increase air density (our non-intercooled inlet temps were as high as 280 degrees) before it reaches intake ports in the heads.

The intercooler improvement is followed up by a significant change in the Novi's drive characteristics. Cog pulleys are replacing the 10-rib serpentine-belt wheels on the crank and blower. We're making this move to ensure that belt slippage—and the loss of boost—will no longer enter into the performance equation, on the dyno or the dragstrip.

Saving what undoubtedly is the most exciting upgrade for the end of this effort, an exclusive test of Paxton's all-new Novi-based supercharger is on the schedule. For a long time, the Novi 2000

a The height and width of Vortech's Mondo intercooler (PN 8M201-007) typically mandates cutting en opening in a Mustang's cowl hood for sufficient tubing, throttle body, and lid clearance. Ws're cominc to grips with the fact that the T-top coupe's sleeper appearance will be compromised by this addition, but realize it's a must-have accessory at this point. We're counting on a set of Team Z's mounts (%-inch drop) to hopefully lower the engine enough for is to maintain the car's smooth profile.

has sort of played second fiddle to Vortech's YSi-Trim supercharger, especially among those who seek four-digit dyno numbers. Our plan is to explore whaf s possible in terms of making the 1f000-plus rear-wheel horses we want—first with the OG Novi; then we'll step up to the new unit, which we're told will definitely give Vortech's blower a solid run for its money.

The whole idea behind intercooling any super charged or boosted application is to disperse as much heat as possible from the intake-air charge before it enters the ergine. The Igloo intercooler consists of three 4.5-inch-thick cores that measure 13.5x9 inches inside a sealed, cast-aluminum box that bolts to the lower intake manifold. Using ice cold water as the cooling agont, the hot com bination of ambient and supercharged intake air passes through the cores twice and is cooled down dramatically before entering the heads (without any significant loss of boost pressure). The Igloo has a maximum 2,000-cfm flow rating, which is well within the airflow parameters we'll need to make 1,000 horses.

The Igloo 'cooler can be adapted to the lower portion of three EFI intake manifolds; Ford's stock-302 truck-engine intake, Ford Racing's GT-40, and the Trick Flow R lower unit that we're using, which matches perfectly and does not require any blending.

This 91.5mm throttle-body bore on the intercooler's lid is a big step up from the 75mm opening that air entered through in the former engine's intake manifold. Once the new bullet is installed, FASTs all-new Big Mouth 92mm throttle body (PN 54095) wil be attached here. Again, Rocco will perform a small amount of port work on the throttle-body bore to compensate for the 0.5-inch difference in diameters.

Naturally, ice-cold water requires a conduit for passage nto the Igloo, and returning to its reservoir (a 5-gallon tank that we'll cetail more in our next installment on the project) Simi Valley Race Cars [(805) 990-2153] offers super-sano, v/ater rails that are specifically made :or that task. The %-inch rails can be ordered with aluminum or CAD-piated steel fittings for the intercooler's water-feed and return lines. It's important to know that due to the variances in each 'cooler box, water rails are custom-made for each application (requires sending your intercooler to SVRC for fitment).

▲On the blower side of our performance experiment, we're making the transition from a 10-rib serpentine belt to a full-on cog-drive system. While cogs seem to be abundant for Vortech's superchargers, finding an affordable set of such pulleys for a Paxton Novi 2000 is no easy task. (ASP offers the gears in various tooth-counts, but they're not cheao.) After diigent searching on the Internet, tech editor Jones scored these cog pulleys (30-tooth blower/75-tooth crank) on eBay. This ratio is si-nilar to the 3-inch-blower/8-inch-crank pulley diameters we originally used, which was capable of producing 21 psi of boost.

► Finally, here's a teaser preview of the new supercharger tiat we will eventually test on the coupe's new powerplant. This is Paxton's brand-new big-boost bad boy—the Novi 2500 (XP-1407 is an in-house ID code). After performing dyno tests with the original Novi 2000, the cog pulley will be swapped onto this unit for a back-to-back evaluation. According to sources, top-end performance of this new piece exceeds that of Vortech's vaunted YSi! Of course, the dyno is the jury that determines the validity of that claim. Stay tunec to 5.0 Mustang 8 Super Fords for all of the hardcore results.

(iMaa&a: Msff^Mk^ &. \Fmilmm®. [fetetp^ba^ ifexr Ml

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