Two X 2 Door Cadillacs

Great car has had lots of money spent, auto, 283 V8 motor rebuild, pwr brakes, interior engine bay, wiring loom, too much to list. Has a few small rust bubbles in few places (not been patched up & hidden). Has lovely silver & black interior, too original specs, original headlining, gold badges, upgraded replica radio, in original position. And guess what? It has FACTORY POWER STEER!! Comes with import approval and a new set of tyres as the cross plies are great looking but old. Located in Adelaide SA. Vin.# VC57N217711

With 17-18,000 factory original miles @ 528,000 each one is a Deville Delegance with all the features of an Eldorado, the other is the Calais. We have a 4 door sedan Deville 18,000 original miles simply stunning @ ยง34,990. This is part of my personal collection. We have a collection of Cadillacs that is unsurpassed in Australia including a 1979 Eldorado in Black with red leather interior, factory 5.7 Itr diesel V8 with genuine factory wire wheels and only 6,700 original miles for just $24,990. This also has a sunroof and all options and Eldorado features. Vin.# 6D47S6Q255513, 6C47S6Q290461, 6D49S6Q293597

ARRIVING SOON: 1973 Cadillac Eldorado, 1976 Cadillac Eldorado.

Contact John Cooper direct on: 0415 885 215 - Email: [email protected] msn: [email protected] - Web:

(159-5) 1955 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE. Here is another original old car with astrong rebuilt engine. Interior is very nice with its original brocade fabric. Call for more details & photos. Vin.// 556240022



This is an all original car throughout, nice running 364 nailhead engine. Call for more info & detailed photos. VinJ 5D4019652 $19,990

(544-1) 1968 CADILLAC DEVILLE SEDAN. This is a one owner car, all original in every way, the car has the 472 engine. The colour is a soft Lemon colour with cream leadier interior. Call for more detailed photos & info. Vin.#P7170001 $26,500


Only 2150 were produced, this is a very smart machine, always a Californian car, very nice paint, nice working roof, never had any rust, very straight & very rare. Call for more info & photos. Vin.# 546246482 $95,000

(544-2) 1960 CADILLAC DEVIIXE SEDAN 4 door hardtop, this is a very cheap honest car. with no rust & is very straight Vin.#P1010872 $12,900

(146-4) 1959 FORD GALAXY 2 DOOR IIARD TOP. Runs & drives, good interior, new tyres, good original engine, requires paint or drive as is. Vin// B9RS149853 $19,500

(352-2) 1973 CADILLAC ELDORADO COUPE. This car is very original in every way, beautiful interior, strong engine, everything works. Drive anywhere with confidence, you get a lot of car for the nionev. Vin# 6L4753Q448774 only $14,250

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