K066 Heavy Duty


KNOCK-OUT-RUST: The Penetrating Rust Hunter

Knock-out Rust was developed by Graeme Ferguson for prevention & control of Oxidisation - Rust an age old problem has caused the downfall of projects large & small, with much heartache ever since man began using ferric metals. Graeme formulated a mixture basically being Tar, Lanolin & Fish Oil, after many trials a medium was found to hold them permanently together, from there Graeme added three more aggressive penetrating components, resulting in the astonishing product KNOCKOUT RUST, like its parent body it is black, but unlike Tar this product will never set hard & crack, you can always make a fingernail mark in the skin, as it remains pliable. Knock-out Rust is ideal for treating inside doors, sills, chassis, etc. More recently Knock-out Rust has proven a god send for protection of boat trailers that are frequently submerged in salt water. This product is not an electronic treatment, but will control Electrolysis and Oxidisation in the areas treated with Knockout Rust, Electrolysis is most aggressive in areas where metals of different configuration or quality are used side by side, often these metals are sweated together, the ensuing build up of Electrolysis is not noticeable until it has caused a Rust situation, usually in the lower part of the car doors & sills. Electrolysis is usually noticeable as a white powdery substance on metal.

KO-66 may be applied by spraying, brush-on or dipped.

This product STOPS RUST in its tracks

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