Hsv Celebrates 20 Years Of The Clubsport

Australia's high performance car manufacturer, Holden Special Vehicles, has launched a limited edition model to help celebrate twenty years of its most successful nameplate, the ClubSport. The ClubSport model first appeared as a permanent fixture within the HSV range back in June of 1990 as a VN

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The new Super Sport debuted at the famous Peddle Beach Concours in California in August.

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HSV ClubSport. Featuring a 5.0-litre engine boasting 180kW and 400Nm, only 410 VN series ClubSports were built. The model has evolved today to become the highest selling vehicle in the HSV line-up.

The ClubSport model has had four different engine variants over its lifespan including the original 5.0-litre then the 5.7-litre LSI, 6.0-litre LS2 and the current 6.2-litre LS3.

HSV has taken a 'back-to-basics' approach with the 20 years of Clubsport model producing a feature packed high performance vehicle for the true HSV collector. The special edition model features HSV's performance suspension, 20-inch Pentagon wheels and leather seats.

Only 100 of the limited edition 20 Years of ClubSport models will be built with a RRP of $66,690 for manual and $68,690 for auto.

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