Holden Premier Ej Trivia

As the style of the FB/EK model was influenced by the 1957 Chevrolet, styling of EJ models was influenced by the 1958 Chevrolet, especially at the rear. Early styling proposals included a quad headlight design, which mimicked the 1958 Chevy even more closely

The body style of the EJ was so different from the EK that the only 'camouflage' Holden felt was necessary during on-road testing of the upcoming model was to swap the Holden badges for Opel ones

Towards the end of the EJ production run. GMH produced its one millionth Holden-badged car Fittingly, the milestone vehicle was a Premier, painted in 'Euroa Gold', one of four different metallic paint options (all combined with a white roof) that were exclusive to the Premier.

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