RENAULT TS16 Sedan, 1976, white, second owner, very good condition, one of 3. must make room, must go. be quick. F.NG# 92667 (JCM1401718) 0419 536 177VTC $650 ono

ROVER 90, P4, 1958, a real shame to let this lovely motor car deteriorate, easy restoration, complete in every detail, seats recovered, Smiths heater, original tool kit, not registered, seeing is believing. ENG# 610801761 (JCMi 783726) 0438 359 658 QLD $5,500

With over 20 years experience, The a

I offer quality _

The automotive specialist in paint & rust removal of car body shells & i^i^s. panels r #

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www. yvblastclean. I com.au I

19 Killara Road Coldstream Vic. 3770 ^ Phone (03)9739 1793

Services offered • Plastic bead blasting • Abrasive blasting • Low pressure etched white metal preparation

I'aint Supplies of S V

Cnr West Lakes Blvd & Philips Cres, Hendon SA Ph (08)8347 7171

[email protected] www.paintsupplies.com.au

After years of testing, we now have a product to suit the needs of everyone, from small home workshops, through to large industrial facilities. SUPA-EPOXY floor coating - extremely resistant to most chemicals & excellent abrasion and impact resistance against workshop trolleys etc. Proper preparation & application is essential, but we supply easy to follow instructions to guide you. Application is quick & easy using a roller.

Floors can be walked on the next day, and will normally take a heavy use after 7 days, depending on the weather.

SUPA-EPOXY floor coating makes cleaning easier, and adds to the appearance of your premises.

per litre inc GST ex Adelaide

New improved formula for even better results!

SUPA-EPOXY Floor coating

Two-pack epoxy flooring is the way to go if you want a tough, durable, chemical resistant floor

SUPA-EPOXY floor coating Only

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