Fpv F6 Range

Ford Performance Vehicles has announced a revised range of F6 models timed to mark the attainment of EurolV compliance.

The updated range is now not only EurolV compliant but comes with stronger FPV branding, with FPV badges now featured on the steering wheel, dashboard and key fob of all models. Alpine Silver multi-spoke wheels are now also standard on the F6 E model.

"FPV's models are constantly evolving, we are always striving to give our cars a unique personality and a presence that we know appeals to our buyers," FPV General Manager Rod Barrett said.

FPV's revised F6, F6 E and F6 ute are on sale now.


GM UK's version of the Holden, Vauxhall has rolled out their most powerful model yet. The performer in motorsport, the SM won its first race at the Morocco Rally in 1971.

Pioneering innovative technology, the SM introduced a new type of variable assist power steering, which made it easier to manoeuvre at lower speeds and provided greater resistance at higher speeds for improved control and handling. The car also featured hydro-pneumatic suspension with automatic height correction and six headlamps with automatic levelling. Four power-assisted disc brakes, with independent front and rear circuits.

Renowned SM owners have included U.S. comedian Jay Leno and Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, while French Presidents from Georges Pompidou to Jacques Chirac used two specially modified 4-door convertible 'présidentielle' models, created by coach builder Henri Chapron.


The Bentley Drivers Club's 61st annual race meeting at Silverstone saw over 100 Bentleys turn out, with contemporary machines tuned and presented for racing against their vintage counterparts.

"Although many of the cars are true museum pieces, they're not kept in museums -we race them as they were always intended to be," commented Clive Morley, who brought two historic Bentleys along to the event.

Attracting cars from across Europe, one of the highlights was the sight of a very early, brakeless, front-axled 3-litre Bentley competing against a mighty 2005 GT. Other races featured Bugatti, D-type Jaguar, Lagonda, Allard, Frazer Nash, Aston Martin, Austin-Healey and MG, to name but a few.


Chris Forsberg is the world's number one drift driver. For anyone that has actually tried a full on sided drift - on a race track of course - it is not as easy as it looks to keep the power on while drifting and steering where you need to go!

This is no problem for Forsberg, however, with his favourite trick being his famous 'bottle trick' where he power-slides his car towards a wall at speeds of up to 70mph, knocking the top off a bottle protruding from the wall! A pretty neat trick by any standards!

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