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(306-1) FORD FAIRLANE 1967 GTA HARDTOP. Ex drag car, easily returned back to a street car, mini spool, 3.89 gears, mini tubbed, was runnng at 460+ C6 combo, no engine or trans, easy resto. LHD. Vin.# 7K42S132498 $11,990


Good restoration project, ideal shop truck, 390, C6 auto, 9" rear, factory front, discs and booster, comes with floor repair panels, LHD. Vin# 7K48H224025

(419-2) FORD F100 1956 BIG BACK WINDOW PICKUP. Excellent project pickup, no engine/trans, no roof rust, hard to find bodystyle, LHD. Vin# F10V6R53737 $12,990

(419-5) FORD FALCON 1960 COUPE. Good restoration project, excellent body, desert sunburnt car, 6 cyl manual. LHD. Vin# 0R11 SI 83708 $6,990

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