Car Loans

0 Over the phone applications - We do all the work for you! 0 Have your finance approved and shop like a cash buyer. 0 We will BEAT THE BANK or DEALER and be more personal* 0 Unpaid & Paid defaults / judgements - OK. 0 Discharged Part 9 (Day 1) or Discharged bankrupts (Day 1) - OK. 0 Paid repossessions or Car defaults (Day 1) - OK 0 Dealer, private or wholesale vehicles. 0 We do older & imported vehicles. 0 Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages, Leases - All available at better than bank rates! 0 FREE referral service available to locate the right vehicle from Wholesalers where Dealers buy their cars - Nationally - Save thousands of $$$

¡3 We will help you re-establish your credit. 0 Would you like to upgrade your vehicle & don't think you can? 0 Every failed application will cut down your chances of finance. 0 All finance companies have different criteria and guide lines.

Have your application put to the correct lender first. (¡3 Interest Reducing Loans.

0 Make extra payments with NO penalty.

0 Don't ruin your chances of obtaining a loan by applying elsewhere first. Call us and let us access your circumstances and we will put you to the best lender first.

0 Self employed, no financials? Call us about our Low or No doc loans.

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