Reformulates Xl Synthetic Oils

AMSOIL announces the reformulation of its Extended Life XL Synthetic Motor Oils, now available in four different viscosities with a bold new packaging design. XL has been formulated to offer better engine protection for reduced maintenance costs. For more call [800] 777-849 or visit

...MSRP $299 What else would you like to know?

- Controls boost pressures up to 50psi - Open or closed loop operation

- Scramble boost with remote trigger - Over-boost warning

- 6 programmable boost memories • Shows boost in psi kPa or bar • Spike-stop feature eliminates boost spike • Rugged billet aluminum casing

Powerful, easy to use, AMD

unbeatable value...

North America S \f V —Australia

Global Performance Parts ( L^ i ™ \ Go Fast Bits y F| j-^C " J www 3u

[email protected] v/ VX [email protected] au Ph: 616 399 9025 ^o FAST BITS

JMaasa: BlmSMgp â [FkiïiâM© M&gsÊïtës tor Ml

JMaasa: itoMVkus & [F^sim© kteg&âïtës tor Ml

Air Intake.!

Short Ram or Cold Air

Fcr Acura. Chevrolet, Dodge. Honda, ^ti Inflnltl, Lexus, ^ Mazda Scion.

Precision Welds

^^ Polished Aluminum Tube

Silicone Hoses

Ceramic Coated

Polished Stainless also available

Bolted Flanges

Solid Hange's land Tig Welds

Full Stainless Steel

Durable Pads

4" Straight-cut

Titanium-Look Grey

Machined Flanges

¿m ¿m J*

Order Line: (800) 678-2886 f--inncn.tfn

Wholesale Order: (877) 545-9080 iVf "aLt 1 V>com Fax: (626) 812-7221 Online Features lor Wholesale Accounts

9B5 North Todd Ave.. Azusa.CA91702 f \


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