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Don't know if you caught the episode of South Park where Stan doesn't have a Facebook account until the guys decided to open one for him. He resists it and doesn't see the point. Well, I'm a little like that about Facebook myself, but it appears I'm in the same minority as Stan So you probably know we've had a Facebook page for several years, and that we recently opened the Tuner Cast question to our Facebook friends. The best entry joins us in the mag and receives a T-shirt. You might also want to check out Facebook to win a pair of Pioneer's new D -inspired Steel Wheels headphones. We were sent a pair for review, which you can read elsewhere in this issue. And we're giving away a new set of the headphones online, so check out facebook.com eurotunermag. Or don't, it's up to you

Canadian Sport Compact Series

The Show & Shine Competition saw Kirk Bhagan's 300 take home Best of Show 1 st place, while Remi OuelSet's Avalanche from Montreal took home second and Gary Collin's widebody M3 completed the podium in third. Unfortunately, the Drag Racing element of the show was cancelled due to weather, but the Street Outlawz Bikini competition kept everyone entertained. For more info visit www.cscs.ca or follow CSCS at www.facebook.com cscsracing. A3S

Project Rumble Bee Update

In the July, Aug., and Sept. '10 issues of HOT ROD, we dragged cur old 70 Super Bee out of storage and started its revival as a more streetable drag car than it was in the mid-'90s. We've weathered some setbacks on parts deliveries, but the project is still moving ahead in the new HOT ROD shop. Our goal is to have the thing running and reliable in time for the Mopars at the Strip event in Las Vegas held April 8-10,2011. As we write this, that's four months away. Between now and then, like us at Facebook.com HotRodMsgand FacebookconrVDavidFreiburgerfor on-the-fly coverage of the car's assembly and testing.

Audia6 I First Drive International

A high-speed data connection downloads Google Earth imager)' on to the satnav display so you're actually seeing the terrain you're driving through on the screen in real time. Since the A6 is now also a wireless 'hotspot' on wheels, either through a data-capable SIM card integrated into the vehicle or a user's own mobile phone via bluetooth, you can connect up to eight devices (iPad, iPhones, netbooks, laptops) while on the move. This means passengers can check email, Facebook, Twitter or watch YouTube on their mobile devices.

Diesel Is A Recession Killer And A Job Creator

When I got my dream job here at Diesel Po ver (back in 2008), it was looking like print media was in critical condition. Well, I'm happy to report my timing is starting to improve. For example. Diesel Power is the number-one selling automotive magazine at Walmart. That's right, thanks to readers like you, we're selling more copies than bigger car magazines with huge budgets and more resources. Another indicator of our timeliness comes from our recently created Facebook page, which has more than 10,000 fans. Getting down to brass tacks, our advprtteing revenue is also up.

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Facebook and Twitter users can get up-to-the-minute information on what's happening in the motoring world. Log on, like our CAR magazine page on Facebook or follow our staff on Twitter and you can have access to the staff-and reader-generated content including write-ups, videos and photographs.


Your enthusiasm is what drives us and your feedback is a great way of showing your support. Just drop us a line on our ECOcar magazine blog (www.ecocarmagazine.com.au) and join up for a regular twitter or facebook chat with like-minded motorists. And if you like what you see, link your comments and the feedback on the site to your own twitter and facebook contacts. The more the merrier (and the better informed).


Have you joined our social networks yeP Become a member of the Bicycling twitterati for your bite-sized cycling fix. www.twitter.com Bicycting_SA. Be the first to hear about our exclusive online features, answer polls, and join the discussion on Facebook www.facebook.com BicyclingSA

Join The Nation

With the term social media spreading like wildfire these days, the number of us connecting and subscribing to popular online communities like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and thousands of traditional forum boards continues to increase. As the new summer season of car shows and motorsports events unfold, we want to hear from you after each one. We've made it easy for every individual PASnation member to join, share and showcase their very own content with fellow fans online. You can even log in and link to us directly through your Facebook and Twitter accounts to post, view and share the latest PASnation updates.


Let's Hang Out on Facebook Facebook can be used for more than just reuniting with old friends, keeping tabs on the kids, and sharing family photos. You can also use Facebook to hang out well, virtually, anyway with other Moss Motors fans. The Moss Motors Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com pages Moss-Motors . Oh, and an insider tip Watch the Moss Facebook site for the latest sale announcements.

Social Media

Facebook andTwitter users can be part of the Shootout action. Log on, like our CAR magazine page on Facebook or follow our staff on Twitter and you can have access to the staff- and reader-generated content of write-ups, videos and photographs. www.facebook.com CARmagazineSA


The interior refit van is about lo start, ideas are still being firmed up but will feature deep flute white leather and day van set up with rock and roll bed. We'll be bringing more on this bus when it's all finished, meanwhile check out the dubtrimz.co.uk facebook page for any enquires or questions on how the build is going.

Audi A6

IT'S EASY TO be impressed by the new Audi A6, and difficult to understand why a car that is arguably the best in Audi's sedan line-up doesn't sell well in South Africa. 1 asked the question on Topcar's Facebook site after a butt-clenching blast through the Sicilian mountains in the range-topping 3.0 TFSI. That no Sicilians, Pandas or mutts were dinged during the drive bore testimony to not only the dynamic prowess of the A6, but also to the shed-load of new safety systems that are now integrated into the car. More on the systems later. My Facebook request foranswers to why big Audis don't sell in South Africa elicited a flood of replies ranging from 'too expensive' to 'limited resale' to 'not on par with the other Germans'.

Data Overload

Want your windshield to tell you when one of your Facebook B F Fs passes by on the road It's com ing. The internet already has invaded our cars, along with seamless mobile-phone connectivity and music-file playback. More integration of our portable communication and computing devices is on its way, along with all-glass dashboards with digital instruments and augmented reality, in which real life, as seen through the windshield, is presented with a graphic overlay of data.

Cotswold Edge Mc

There is a new club in the Chipping Sodbury area(near Bristol . See www. cotswoldedgeminiclub co.uk or see Facebook. TYRED AND EXHAUSTED This club in the Buckinghamshire area meets an the first Friday of every month at 730pm at The Barley Mow pub, Cosgrove. See www. tyredandexhausted, co.uk or see Facebook. Surrey Hills Mini Group is once again holding its annual run on Easter Monday, 25 April. The group is also supporting a charity run on 3 April, the Polly Run, from Guildford to Southsea in order to help raise funds for chemotherapy for a friend with cancer. See The Surrey Hills Mini Group's Facebook page. TEDDY BEAR PICNIC Robin Hood Mini Club is organising this event at The Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre in Marsden, West Yorkshire on 1 May. Home to the highest, longest, deepest canal tunnel in Britain. Competitions for best Mini and Teddy Bear Picnic display. All kids with a teddy get a free boat ride. Email robinhoodminiclub2Q1D hotmail.co.uk or check it out on Facebook.


Utilizing state-of-the-art web design, WinningRide.com is the most user-friendly site of its kind on the Internet today. Dedicated site features are designed to connect with online accounts that users already have, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more, enthusiasts will be able to create an account and share updates on their status and activity at WinningRide.com with their friends quickly and easily.


ESTABLISHED 1999 FACEBOOK Team Menace LOCATION Seattle,Washington, USA NUMBER OF MEMBERS 11 TEAM SPONSORS Babe BLVD (www.babeblvd.com), Babe Talent (www.babetalent.com), Compustar (www.compustar.com), Dunlop Tires (www.dunloptires.com), Intec Racing (www.intecracing.com), Speed Lawyers (www.speedlawyers.net), SNP Designs (www.snpdesigns.com), Mishimoto (www.mishimoto.com), Stoptech (www.stoptech.com)


It's easy to see why. this is the hard-core off-road racing Range Rover Sport that they simply can never build. It is the ultimate Range Rovec the go-anywhere supercar and a proven legend that can withstand the hottest, most barren, most destructive terrain on Earth. I 's the real world Tonka toy, and all it could take is a Facebook campaign and a hunger strike to bring it to a high street near you.


I love maps, and in my life they will never be replaced with the you are here Pac Man on a GPS screen, partly because a GPS doesn't let me get out a green highlighter and trace all the roads I've traveled, and I don't care if there's some whiz-bang digital function that traces my travels automatically and downloads them to Facebook or whatever. Come to think of it, that might be kind of cool minus the social networking. Right now, the only network I want is that of the green glow-ing spiderweb of backroads I've traversed. The tangle on that crinkly old page of my abused, Coke-stained United States atlas tells me wrhere I've been and where I'm going.

The Sponsorship Game

Competing against hundreds of applicants for sponsored parts is a tough sell, especially in an economy that has dwindling sponsorship budgets. Enthusiasts need to do something to move their project car portfolio to the top of the stack. Although a well designed portfolio is the first step towards securing sponsorships, it's important to be creative and show real results. Your proposal strength determines the sponsorship price and for most companies simply attending car shows is simply just not enough. It's all about putting a price tag on each sponsored person and if they have the potential to provide a return on investment in the near future. Using traditional methods like car shows and magazines exposure alongside new ways like 10,000 hits on Facebook are a few ways to showcase you've got what it takes to get brands noticed. Back in the day getting traction for your project at car shows was king, as you could easily rub elbows with potential sponsors and reach thousands of...


Perhaps the question could be why there are only 1,000,000 Porsche fans on Facebook. Still, it's a pretty good milestone to reach. And every name from around the world that has signed up to Porsche's Facebook fan page will be insciibed on one special car ard displayed at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart in 2011. The compary has its own family tree website (easily Googled) where pecple tell their individual Porsche-related stories. And the marque first came irto being before computers really existed.

Lose Connection

Before you click send on an email like these, here are some tips you should know Including a name or return email address would greatly improve your chances of us hearing back from us. Also, sending links to sites like your My space, Facebook, Modelmayhem, or Cardomain accounts lets us know if you are, in fact, a hottie, or if your measurements are a little on the consen ative side (or if your buddy's Civic really would be badass once it gets that paint, turbo kit, wheels, suspension, etc. he's planning). We love to see whatcha got we just don't like to ask twice.


This County Durham river crossing, an important feature of Le Jog and other rallies, is threatened with permanent year-round closure lit's already closed from October to March , A Facebook group has been started to publicise its possible loss, attracting more than 1000 supporters, and a petition can be found here www.gopetition.com petitionM0467.html.

This Month On

Besides the news section of the website, which is updated every day with the latest V8 gossip from around the world, it's our Facebook page which has seen the most action this month. Member numbers are steadily growing and, thanks to companies such as Hoyts, we've been able to run some great online competitions (you can check the 'win stuff tab on the website at any time to enter to win a range of prizes). The forum has also been abuzz with all sorts of information of late. The busiest section is the drag racing area, on which many of New Zealand top drivers, tuners, builders and event organisers are sharing information. It's a great place to check out if you're after your automotive fix between magazine issues. Speaking of which, if you've missed an issue or you are after info on a car that was featured some time ago, the article may be uploaded on our site. Simply search through the different vehicle brands and you'll come across what you're looking for.

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